Thin hair care: my gentle treatment 

Thin hair care: my gentle treatment 

Since I can recall, my hair was rather thin without any volume, thus I am aware how problematic such hair care can be. It is said that it is typical for Slavic girls who often have thin hair and usually, fair - exactly like mine. It turns out that the lack of volume can be a serious problem.   Through the years of struggling with my thin hair, I have developed several methods to improve its volume. I would like to[…]
Recipe for beautiful hair? It’s not about costly shampoo and conditioner!

Recipe for beautiful hair? It's not about costly shampoo and conditioner!

Well, many people believe that the easiest way to make their hair look stunning is buying a good shampoo and an equally good conditioner. And some people see 'good' as 'expensive, luxurious, popular.' The truth is, the looks of hair is determined by its condition, and there more factors to influence it than hair care products only. Do you know how do celebrities keep their hair healthy? Are you able to gift your strands with shine, smoothness and volume than[…]

NanoBROW eyebrow serum. Beautiful eyebrows in just 1 month!

A few days ago I hear a courier knocking on my door. I was expecting the package as if it was my christmas present. I was so excited to see.. Nanobrow eyebrow serum <3 I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that I was looking for a nice eyebrow care product. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the condition of my eyebrows worsened. I read plenty of posts about this matter and decided to order Nanobrow (CLICK to order) because of the[…]
4 mistakes in face skin care that I used to make!

4 mistakes in face skin care that I used to make!

I know that the entries dealing with 'my body and hair care mistakes' are enjoyed most because there is nothing that would put us in a good mood faster than the awareness that somebody does the same silly things as we do 🙂 For this very reason, I've prepared another 'beauty fail compilation' post - this time, I'm going to discuss the topic of face skin care mistakes. What are the most common mistakes in face care that many women[…]
This Month’s Cosmetic Favorites: Skin Care and Make-up

This Month's Cosmetic Favorites: Skin Care and Make-up

Hello, ladies! This month I’ve bought a few amazing beauty products. Although I paid a lot, I have no regrets. They’re good value for money. Girls, check out new marvels in my beauty bag. Read on! Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Contour It’s made for my sensitive eye area. It excellently moisturises, soothes and reduces shadows. Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Contour is composed of hyaluronic acid and passionfruit extract that nourish and hydrate the under-eye skin. My mum also used the product and[…]

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