Autumn leg hair removal free from irritations and dry skin? I know how to do it!

Dry and irritated calf skin after shaving? I’m sure that most of you are well-acquainted with this problem. Quite an unpleasant feeling, right?

I’ve succeeded in dealing with this problem without resigning from perfectly smooth leg skin. Do you want to learn my secret of having smooth legs without irritations and moisturised skin? Be my guest!

You are going to finally learn how to avoid all problems with dry and tight skin by introducing… olive oil to your daily body care!

I don’t ask you to take my word for granted. Instead, I’d recommend you to give a go to this method to understand what it means to have perfectly moisturised, soft, smooth and irritation-free skin. I’ve found this out that I don’t have to use any specialistic cosmetics, but just natural olive oil. Really!

However, before I proceed with explaining the properties of olive oil, I need to tell you a few words about skin needs.

Why does skin get more irritated after shaving in autumn?

Autumn doesn’t aid our skin. This is the time of the year when our skin loses elasticity and becomes definitely more dry. Why is that? Due to changing conditions – outside there is cold and humidity, whereas inside (home or office) there is dry and warm air. These are the perks of the heating season that our skin doesn’t like, definitely.

Shaving legs without irritations is hardly possible in this situation. Soap and shaving foam dehydrate the already dry and paper thin skin. And the razors gliding across the skin only intensify the irritations…

One of the solutions is resigning from shaving – but I wouldn’t recommend this option 🙂

The second solution is taking care of skin properly, thanks to which it will be smoother and better moisturised so irritation-free leg shaving will be finally possible.

My method of shaving legs without irritations

First and foremost, moisturisation. Secondly, nourishment. Thirdly, smoothing out. I can provide my legs with that owing to the proper care.

Skin, which is in a poor condition, will never feel good after shaving and hair removal. This kind of beauty treatment should be carried out on well-moisturised skin. It’s worth protecting skin against irritations and smooth it out. Luckily, you can do this with the aid of… oils!

Natural oils are a source of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids thanks to which skin doesn’t exfoliate nor itch, is healthy and beautiful.

Skin oiling before shaving

I couldn’t somehow understand how the process of leg shaving can be carried out without leaving legs irritation-free. I always used to have dry and tight skin, even if I applied the best shaving foam or soothing cream.

Finally, I realized that the issue are the products I chose to shave my legs with. They are seemingly soothing, so they should help, right? But when you look at the list of ingredients – madness! A whole bunch of alcohols and other irritating substances. Then I thought that I have to find an alternative, and to my surprise it turned out that natural oils are just perfect for that purpose!

Regular skin oiling makes skin:

  • smooth and soft;
  • better moisturised and nourished;
  • more resistant to irritations;
  • regenerate and reinforce itself faster;
  • resistant to irritations during hair removal;
  • age significantly slower.

My best natural cosmetic – Olive Oil

My favourite oil owing to which I can remove hair form my legs and stay away from irritations is a regular olive oil. I called it ‘regular’ because it can be found in every house and is really easy available. Yet, its properties aren’t that ‘regular’ so it’s worth getting to know them better.

First of all, olive oil contains a huge amount of vitamin A (it stimulates collagen and elasticin production), vitamin E (displays antioxidative action), vitamin D (facilitates skin self-regenerating processes) and vitamin K (lightens skin up and relieves irritations).

Olive oil prepares skin for shaving because it makes it soft and reinforces it at the same time. Additionally, it displays anti-inflammatory action. Thanks to this, a razor glides smoothly across the skin without doing any harm, nor causing irritations. To sum up, olive oil applied prior to shaving provides us with comfort that no other shaving cream (which makes skin dry and tight) is able to offer.

How to apply olive oil before shaving?

Just doing a delicate body massage with olive oil suffices. In most cases I pour oil into my hand and distribute it along the skin. In this way I make my skin soft and nourished. Also, I improve the micro circulation of blood in my skin. The unwanted hair rises owing to which it becomes easier to remove it so there is no need in pressing the razor to skin as much. After all, easier shaving equals less irritations.

Tell me whether this method works for you as well!