Cleansing shampoo – why is it so important and which one to choose?

Hi girls! Today, I’d like to tell you why, apart from a regular shampoo (let’s call it a traditional one), it is worth using a special shampoo from time to time. Its aim is to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp and help to remove any cosmetic residue as well as get rid of impurities. The cleansing shampoo is something I haven’t been paying attention to before as I thought my delicate hair did not require such treatment. I mistakenly thought that a traditional, well-matched hair shampoo would do and thoroughly cleanse my hair.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I found out about it when I started using hair styling products more often (my work requires a perfect hairdo). I also began to oil my hair regularly, to restore and maintain its good condition. Remains of cosmetics and remnants of oils made my hair lose its volume and become rough and dull. The hairdresser advised me to start cleaning my hair and scalp, with a special shampoo, especially before oiling. Why? Firstly, such a shampoo will remove any residue from foam, gels, dry shampoos and other products. Secondly, hair and scalp cleansing works well before oiling the hair, as it will pave the way to the hair. The finer the scalp and the strands, the easier it is to nourish them.

The cleansing shampoo is one of the ‘must haves’ that will stay in my bathroom permanently. I use it at least four times a month and I have to admit that I can see the difference in the appearance of my hair.

That’s why I will convince you to give you to give it a try. The difference in the appearance of your hair will be seen after 2-3 washings. Just remember not to use this shampoo every day, because you can disturb the pH of the scalp.

If you do not know which cleansing shampoo to choose, you can try out the ones that worked for me.

Loreal Expert Pure Resource and Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Therapy are two excellent quality shampoos for hair and scalp cleansing. They allow you to get rid of the remnants of hair cosmetics, balance the excessive amount of sebum secretion and strengthen the barrier to protect the scalp. Shampoos for cleansing your hair should not be rinsed out of your head immediately – leave them for 1-2 minutes so that the active ingredients have time for general cleaning;)
In the near future, I also want to try out Faroe Islands cleansing shampoo from Natura Siberica. I am tempted by the lack of parabens, SLSs and other unfriendly ingredients. As soon as I finish testing this product I will certainly share the opinion with you. Have a nice day!