How to Cover Up Hair Roots? A Few Useful Hints for an Alluring Hairdo

What do hair roots make you think of? Not caring for one’s good looks or trying to get back a natural color? If your hairdo has had two colors for some time and you’re too busy for a salon appointment, read this post and find effective ways to cover up the roots. Enjoy!

Who doesn’t have to worry about hair roots?

To be honest, I have never met a woman who has visible hair roots and doesn’t mind it. On the other hand, they are barely visible in some women, especially when their natural shade of hair is similar to a dye they choose. I guess girls who have their hair bleached don’t need to worry about that. After all, lighter hair ends are a thing now (flamboyage, ombre). Ladies who have their hair color changed drastically have the biggest problem. Also, roots are clearly visible on wavy and curly hair.

Hairstylists’ tricks for hair roots

Having a hair wash is the easiest thing you can do. A hair root itself isn’t that bad. A greasy-looking root is a deadly sin. That’s why washing hair – with a regular or dry shampoo – is so crucial. Remember that sebum enhances the hair color.

Wearing a suitable hairstyle is another cool way to camouflage the roots. Never wear your hair smooth and tight or part your hair in middle – if you do, you make the roots more striking. Do your best to lift the roots and wear hair loose. A bun, ponytail or waves are cut out for covering up roots plus they let you change your looks and hairstyle.

Did you know that you can camouflage hair roots using a headband or sunglasses? Make sure the accessories are wide enough to cover up as much of the hair roots as possible. Play with some unique solutions, glittery accessories, bright colors. Create an enviable image.

Color & Camouflage

If you’re determined to get your natural hair color back but you can’t stand the roots, do your best to hide them. Firstly, have the outer hair layers colored using a dye that’s closest to your natural shade. Surprisingly, not only dyes camouflage the roots. Eyeshadows, pencils and spray touch ups work as well. Use a wide brush to apply the eyeshadow to the roots. For a long-lasting effect, use a hair spray. An eyebrow pencil covers up the roots, too. Its consistency coats every single hair; at the same time, it doesn’t leave hair greasy and weighed down. Applying a hair root touch up is the most popular and probably the fastest technique.

How do you camouflage your hair roots?