How to prep your skin for summer? Learn a few tips and tricks

Hiya girls!

Summer sun will soon warm up our faces. But it will not help to enhance our beauty if the complexion is dull and shows the signs of fatigue. This is just a sad souvenir left by winter. This time of the year, probably most of you wonder what to do in order to regain a nice, flawless look. I also went through this stage. Fortunately, I quickly dealt with the problem of tired and rough skin. What did I do? Keep on reading.

The most important thing is that the skin should be systematically and thoroughly nurtured. In fact, a nice colour and healthy skin will be obtained when you exfoliate dead skin cells regularly, as well as moisturise and nourish it. Conclusion: To prepare your complexion for summer, you have to take care of it throughout the entire year. Is it worth putting effort into it? Yes, of course. So where to begin? Start by preparing cosmetics and gadgets needed to take care of your complexion. These are: a soft towel, water (mineral or boiled), liquid / foam / facial cleanser, coarse or enzymatic scrub, cleansing mask and a moisturising cream.

Skin care of the face will take you about 10 minutes each day. Devote about a minute to each step. Yes, this is more than enough to take care of your complexion and look beautiful and healthy. During the first minute, cleanse your face thoroughly. Use a gentle cosmetic that will remove excess sebum and prepare the skin for further care. Rinse with lukewarm water. Do not use hot tap water. High temperatures can interfere with sebaceous glands and tap water – can dry the skin and expose it to bacteria.

During the second minute get rid of dead skin cells through exfoliating. This way you will also remove excess sebum and all impurities. If you have sensitive skin go for an enzyme peel. Such product will gently dissolve dry skin patches and speed up regeneration of the epidermis. With a circular motion, massage your face and finally rinse with lukewarm water. During the next two minutes bend your face over steam (from boiling water). This way the pores of your skin will open up and the cosmetics you apply in a minute will be absorbed better.

Devote the next 5 minutes to a facial mask. Match the cosmetic to the type of your complexion and the effects you wish to obtain. Remember to avoid eye, and mouth area during the application. The skin is such places is more sensitive thus you should specific and gentle products. You might as well go for the so called multimasking skin care. The last stage of the spring-summer face care is moisturising. Apply a sunscreen and a make-up base that hydrated the skin deeply. Then, you can apply A BB cream or your favourite foundation. As soon as those layers dry – finish your make-up the way you want.

Do you have your own methods for skin care in the summer time?