Marble Hair. Will you give it a try?

Heeey ♥

I’m coming back to you with a fresh package of news. This time I would like to show you a new hair trend presented recently by famous hair stylists. Below I described a colouring trend which happened to be one of my favourite lately. The truth is, I haven’t decided to transform my hair like that yet but I love the crazy and colourful effect that can be obtained thanks to a simple method. What am I talking about?

Marble Hair – hair colour trend from Instagram

Why I decided to devote an entire, separate entry to bring you closer to this trend? Mostly because Marble Hair is a hair colour technique that is currently conquering the social media. As you probably know it, it’s worth being aware of what is going on around us. What is amazing about all the trendy things on the Internet, frequently the hair ideas presented on the Instagram by hair stylists aren’t only worn by us but also by the celebrities. It’s really nice when it turns out that we decided to colour our hair the same way our favourite actress did. If it happened that I dyed my hair in a particular fashion, and then noticed that my favourite celebrity had done the same hairdo, I would feel as if I was in Hollywood 🙂

Marble Hair – asymmetric hair colour technique that connects all colours of the rainbow; the hues are combined without any particular order, there are no clear lines between them which makes each Marble Hair inimitable.

If you want to have a hairdo that can’t be imitated, give a go to Marble Hair!


The Marble effect is long-known yet not necessarily in the field of hair dressing. Originally, it was used to dye clothes in fancy patterns. Later, it was transferred to fingernail styling where it enjoyed its great take-up. Today we learnt that Marble effect can be also transferred to hair!


Marble Hair resembles the confetti-like effect. This style also requires combining various, pastel hues. However, Marble Hair is a completely different technique since it delivers finish, that is various every time applied. The inimitable, rainbow hair.


Toying with Marble Hair is slightly more difficult than when applying the effect to the fingernails. We need a spongy material called EmBee Meche. We place this material underneath the hair and apply a layer of a shaving mousse and then paint patterns using colour hair tints. Next, we take another thick strand of hair and repeat the procedure. Then, another strand and another… Try it out!