NanoBROW eyebrow serum. Beautiful eyebrows in just 1 month!

A few days ago I hear a courier knocking on my door. I was expecting the package as if it was my christmas present. I was so excited to see.. Nanobrow eyebrow serum <3

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that I was looking for a nice eyebrow care product. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the condition of my eyebrows worsened. I read plenty of posts about this matter and decided to order Nanobrow (CLICK because of the reviews. Today I want to tell you all about my own impressions as I know how important the opinions of those who tried the product are.

What is Nanobrow?

This is an eyebrow serum. One of many on the market, though it can be distinguished from others by professional action and excellent composition. It has been created primarily for women who complain about too thin, sparse and dull eyebrows. It is a multi-action cosmetic.

How does Nanobrow look like?

I need to admit – it was beautifully packed – in an elegant cardboard box, well protected with a branded sealing tape. I must say it’s nice to receive such packages.

The serum itself resembles an eyelash conditioner. Black, slender tube contains colourless gel serum. However, instead of a thin brush, it has a soft, oblique applicator. I cannot say anything wrong about this product – the packaging is very elegant and made from good-quality  materials.

Nanobrow – composition

It is a combination of the highest quality ingredients. Some of them moisturise, other nourish, others regenerate and stimulate hair growth. Each of them is a necessary element. In the composition of Nanobrow – there is nothing redundant, the list of ingredients is short and concise.

The most important components of Nanobrow are: Baikal skullcap (baicalein) responsible for accelerating hair growth, extracts taken from soy and wheat sprouts that regenerate, conditioning ginseng, arginine that rebuilds hair and panthenol that moisturises, nourishes and beautifies brows.

To me, the biggest advantage is the lack of harmful substances, such as parabens, silicones and potential allergens.

A few fun facts:

  1. Nanobrow is eyebrow serum which was not tested on animals.
  2. Its composition has been dermatologically tested.
  3. It is suitable for vegans, because it does not contain zoonotic ingredients.
  4. It is very efficient and stays fresh for a year after opening.

Nanobrow – effects

Before I saw the first effects of using Nanobrow (which, in fact, appeared after 10 days), I thought out the plan of this post. I wondered if I should describe the manufacturer’s promises or my own feelings, or maybe mix the two. Now I know that it was no need to do it, because Nanobrow works just like they describe it does.

  • It regenerates and strengthens the hairs.
  • It accelerates the hair growth.
  • It gives elasticity and glow.
  • It hinders hair loss.
  • It emphasizes the eyebrow shape.

How to use Nanobrow?

In general, it is not difficult, especially with such a wonderful, contoured applicator. Practically, the applicator leads your hand to entirely cover the hairs with a delicate, odourless and colourless serum, which instantly gets absorbed.

It is worth remembering that Nanobrow:

  • is applied once a day,
  • always before going to sleep,
  • always after removing make-up.

Just one stroke is enough to apply the formula to one brow. Leave it for a few seconds and… done!

Effects after 1 month!

I could skip this paragraph and write – check yourself. However, I want to give you a choice – you will only buy Nanobrow if you want to. I can only tell you whether I recommend it. AND? Of course!

After one month, my eyebrows were in a wonderful condition – longer, denser and darker. I don’t have to use eyebrow wax and pencil because my eyebrows became dark and expressive. Once in a while I only pluck them to make sure their shape is correct. They grow like crazy so even if I pull out too many hairs, I am sure they will regrow quickly. Now I can go out without make-up because I know my eyebrows are always perfect.

So have you already tried Nanobrow yourself?