Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions – The Greatest Cluster Lashes Out There!

When browsing through beauty blogs I came across the DIY Lash Extensions, and I couldn’t believe such a gem really existed. I was promised to apply DIY lash clusters easily and it was supposed to take 10 minutes! That sounded like a perfect product!

DIY Lash Extensions have been released by the brand Nanolash. These DIY cluster lashes are supposed to last for 5 days. They seemed a brilliant alternative to semi-permanent lash extensions which made my natural lashes worse. Unsurprisingly, I was dying to see whether DIY lash extension could be done easily!

DIY Lash Extensions. Which product did I pick?

I was extremely happy I found DIY cluster lashes for application at home. At the brand’s website, I found two products:

  • single box of lashes: 36 pieces in 3 lengths and 8 styles to choose from.
  • full cluster lashes kit: in addition to lash clusters, it includes Nanolash bonder, sealer, lash tweezers and remover.

I picked the box of cluster lashes – I already had essential gadgets at home. I wasn’t a DIY eyelash extension first-timer.

I should highlight that the brand claims we need 4 or 5 clusters per application. I did calculations and figured one box is enough for 4 applications, which makes it highly economical.

how long do cluster lashes last

I applied Nanolash cluster lashes myself at home! Did I do well?

Because I wasn’t a lash extension beginner, I was relaxed before application and just read the instructions from the box. The directions told me to:

  • apply a thin layer of the bonder, aka glue, and wait until it becomes tacky enough.
  • pick out lash clusters and, using the tweezers, place them under the natural lashes (more or less 1 mm from the water line).
  • press the clusters with the applicator.
  • as a final touch, apply the sealer and remove the sticky layer.

I followed the steps carefully. I applied the Nanolash DIY lash extensions fast. According to the product details, the application should take us 10 minutes tops. I confirm that! I believe even lash extensions beginners will apply these DIY cluster lashes easily.

How long do the Nanolash cluster lashes last? Can we reuse them?

Another piece of info from the producer says the DIY lash extensions last for up to 5 days and we can apply them just once. I was dying to see whether that was true.

I put on my lash wisps and watched their condition every day. I didn’t spot any difference after 8 days of wear! The DIY Lash Extensions looked lovely for as long as I had them on. I followed aftercare instructions, using mild cosmetics and eyelash comb. I think sleeping on my back was another thing that made the lash extensions last longer.

Even though the brand says these are single-use lash extensions, I didn’t notice any changes in their shape after taking them off. I applied the same DIY Lash Extensions again a few days later. The lashes looked the same as they looked after the first application.

Do I recommend DIY Lash Extensions?

I tested the DIY Lash Extensions with great attention and engagement. Let me share my observations:

  • DIY Lash Extensions are extremely easy to apply – fast lash extension at home is now possible.
  • I can reuse these cluster lashes, though the manufacturer says otherwise.
  • taking lashes off and clearing them of the glue is a child’s play.
cluster eyelash extensions before and after

The Nanolash cluster lashes blend perfectly with my natural lashes so there was no unnatural fake look. Thanks to the range of lash lengths I could do a subtle every day lash look or more dramatic Russian Volume lashes.

Summing up, I definitely recommend trying the DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash. You will create the brand-new lash look in ten minutes!