Skin detox – 7-day no makeup challenge. Is it even possible?!


Many celebrities, actresses and women show business give up on applying makeup on a daily basis. Why are they doing this? To be even more famous and to be talked about even more? Perhaps. Today, I will tell you why I gave up my makeup and gave my skin a break for whole seven days.

Skin detox – what for?

Skin detox can have various purposes and meanings. It can mean that you completely give up on your makeup and care routines or you only do it for a few days / weeks. You can also stay with the care (just like me) and do not apply any coloured cosmetics for a few days. Detox is generally a time for the skin to rest and a way to start comprehensive care again. Interestingly, detox is a method for some girls to accept their own appearance in the sauté version.

My personal schedule

Every time of day, or season of the year is good to start skin detox. I started mine when I took a holiday at work; it was a great opportunity to give up makeup. I did not have contacts with clients planned, no people had to look at me and I did not have to try to look nice. Of course, I did not stop using beauty care cosmetics, because I decided that this will be also a good moment to take care of its condition and appearance. However, I introduced a small change. I have limited my face care products to a minimum. I used only a night cream, a washing foam and moisturizing toner for the day.

What were the results?

Astonishing! Blemishes and other post-acne imperfections started healing. Inflammations were soothed. My complexion has become smooth, moisturised, and the dark under-eye circles became less visible. Unfortunately, larger discolourations did not fade; maybe seven days of detox is not enough. The skin colour also did not improve significantly. Fortunately, there were no new imperfections, pimples and blackheads.

My opinion? Detox is a great thing for the skin. Try it out and you will not regret it. Leave a comment and please, let me know about your results!