Vegan cosmetics: facts and myths

Hello everyone!

Nowadays, vegan cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, for many people, they are something that sounds mysterious and works in a strange way. So I decided to tell you the most popular facts and myths about vegan cosmetics. Let’s get it started.

Animal protection 

Vegan cosmetics do not contain any animal origin ingredients, including milk proteins, bee waxes, snail slime, venom viper. We will find only plant or mineral substances in them. No animal was injured during laboratory production and testing. Such products are also ideal for people who lead an eco-friendly life.

Are they pricey?

It’s not true. Vegan cosmetics are not more expensive than the traditional ones. It happened because more and more popular brands started to produce them and nowadays, such products are available at any drugstore. Vegan cosmetics are not inferior in quality, they are easy to apply and give good effects. This applies to all products for makeup and skin care purposes as well as accessories.

An out of the blue composition?

It is also a myth. Mysterious sounding names, difficult and long words, a few lines written in a small script. In fact, reading the composition of vegan cosmetics is not so difficult. These products do not contain any mysterious substances, and those that are banned are very few. Conclusion? It’s easy to remember them, and when you buy a cosmetic, you can quickly check whether it is on the list.

Vegan equals natural 

In vegan cosmetics, there are natural ingredients only: vegetable or mineral. Among other things, they include vegetable oils, fruit and flower extracts, herbal extracts, minerals from the Earth. Thanks to such ingredients, vegan cosmetics have moisturizing, nourishing, protective and soothing properties. They are safe for all skin types.

Have you ever used vegan cosmetics? Are you a fan of such a natural solution? Leave a comment and please let me know what you think!