-30% OFF, -50% OFF, 70% OFF! Which shopping mistakes to avoid at great specials?

Hello Girls,

I have to admit honestly, confess to my weakness… Every time I spot some cosmetic sales, I just can’t help myself and I put into the basket the discounted items. However, recently I’ve decided to slow down a little bit this cosmetic madness and choose the beauty products more consciously. The effect? My make-up bag looks way better, the products I use are now of better quality and I learnt how to save money. Therefore, if you want to pick the cosmetic product more wisely, find out which mistakes should be avoided.

When the trail comes unstuck…

… or when you even didn’t have any in the first place. The effect? You did massive shopping the half of which turns out to be completely useless for you. The next time you visit a drug store, flick through brochures, check out websites of a particular shop and get some samples of products first. Simply, get ready for the shopping, don’t make on-the-spot decisions. Instead, do a list of the most important items and stick to it. Thanks to this, you’ll buy only the stuff you really need without spending money on rubbish or whims.

When your inventories start shrinking…

… yet you leave a shop with something completely different. Ok, bargains are a good deal and a great opportunity to complete the cosmetic inventory. However, buy products which you’re going to use up soon, served you right or you should apply to continue a treatment. Basically, if you put into the basket just one new cosmetic, that’s totally fine. It’s worse when the basked is full of such ‘new stuff’ which in fact you don’t need at all.

When you buy unpacked cosmetics…

… and develop allergy. On such occasions (sales), many cosmetics become ‘victims’ of excited women. The packaging is torn apart and opened, the product touched in spite of the testers lying just a few inches left or right. If you buy such cosmetics, bear in mind that they contain a lot of micro-organisms which belong to at least a few people. What might happen when you put them to your skin? Irritations, allergies and other fairly severe ailments can be taken for granted.

Are you also like gunning for cosmetics bargains?