4 Items for More Fabulous Lashes. What I Use Apart From Mascara?

You are either born with it or need to put some effort to get it: this applies to good looks, including the lashes. What can you do to make them look their best? I know some tried and trusted remedies!

My lashes were never eye-catching or remarkable. Neither long nor too short. They don’t look well without mascara as they are quite light-colored and barely-there. Thankfully, suitable day-to-day care made them grow in numbers and stop thinning (they used to fall out a lot).

How do I care for my lashes?

Speaking of daily lash care, I don’t do anything extraordinary. First and foremost, I make sure the food I eat is healthy and take some supplements, including silicon and biotin which are essential to lashes. Plus, I use some nourishing products like oils and serum. I usually use them alternately as using both at the same time isn’t a good idea (greasy oil may keep the serum nutrients from penetrating the follicles, making the product work worse).

What make-up products do I use?

No revelations either. I use an ordinary mascara, not waterproof because I don’t feel like struggling to remove it. I like silicone brushes and black colored mascaras. Other colors don’t suit me.

Note! Make-up removal tips to remember

Don’t forget you can cause the most serious damage to your lashes while taking make-up off. Do it carefully as if you washed a very precious glass vase. I use oils because they are gentle on the sensitive skin around the eyes and are great at removing all kinds of dirt. Of course micellar water works well too. Micelles attract dirt like magnet and there’s no need for rubbing the lashes. It’s important because rubbing causes lashes to break off!


Read through four remedies that I promised to share. Actually this is a list of products working woders on my lashes. See my top picks!

1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

My HIT! Nanolash is my favorite because it takes just two brushstrokes. The serum is colorless and fragrance-free, and is high in growth-stimulating substances. I use it before bedtime, spreading it across the lash line. I noticed the first effect after just a few days when my lashes got darker and shinier. Each next week gave me more lashes that were thicker and fuller-looking.

2. Castor Oil

In this case the choice of a brand doesn’t matter that much. The key thing is you pick a cold-pressed, unrefined and organic because only this kind gives effects we love castor oil for. I apply it on the lashes using a clean mascara spoolie, every day before sleep. I use castor oil and eyelash serum alternately or apply oil after the serum which needs time to penetrate the follicles.

3. Lashcode Mascara

Stunning lashes are impossible to get without a good mascara. Lashcode is my favorite. It isn’t waterproof but long-wear. The creamy mascara is super-black, easily glides across lashes, not forming clumps like other mascaras I used. I could list more benefits but it’s best if you simply give it a try!

4. Eyelash Curler

A curler is another thing I use to enhance my lashes. I guess there are as many fans of lash curlers as opponents. I don’t agree with those who say it damages lashes. If we use the tool correctly, catch the lashes at the roots and use only high-quality accessories, there’s no way the lashes get hurt. They will only look better. I use my curler before applying mascara to lift them slightly and make them look longer.