4 mistakes in face skin care that I used to make!

I know that the entries dealing with ‘my body and hair care mistakes’ are enjoyed most because there is nothing that would put us in a good mood faster than the awareness that somebody does the same silly things as we do 🙂 For this very reason, I’ve prepared another ‘beauty fail compilation’ post – this time, I’m going to discuss the topic of face skin care mistakes.

What are the most common mistakes in face care that many women make (un)consciously? Does each one of us take care of face skin as diligently as she should? Find out!

The truth is that even the best one of us happens to makes mistakes. Improper use of some cosmetics is something that should be considered as – let’s call it – normal because, after all, nobody is the alpha and omega of beauty, and we gain knowledge gradually. Personally, I see myself as genned up on face care, yet I sometimes fail to fulfill my skin needs. The worst thing about this is that some of my ‘wrongdoings’ have struck me fairly recently… yikes!


I was wondering what to begin with but I decided that I’d just put my face care mistakes in random order. So, let’s start 🙂

1. I didn’t remove micellar lotion with water

I bet that most of my readers don’t rinse micellar lotion either. Well, I considered this practice as unnecessary too, especially when realized that this is a cosmetic which purpose is to cleanse face skin. Also, there are no information on the packaging how to use micellar lotion. Have you ever seen one? Well, neither have I. However, it turns out that micellar lotion should be removed from face with cool water. Why? The reason for that is banal – micellar lotions feature detergents that might cause irritations and dehydrate delicate face skin. Once I heard about this, I immediately gave this technique a try and… I’m honestly surprised that it works! It took 2 weeks of rinsing micellar lotion from my face to notice that there is definitely less comedones on my skin. Also, I think that my face is less dehydrated.

2. I didn’t pay attention to the expiry date of the cosmetics I used

The most common mistake in hair and body care is application of cosmetics after they expire. Sadly, I used to do this too. And I don’t mean that I did it on purpose. What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t keep a lookout whether a cosmetic I’d been using was still suitable to apply. I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about; somehow we just lost the sense of passing time and we don’t keep record on when we opened a particular beauty product. My way of dealing with this is attaching small pieces of paper to the lids with a month that I used the product for the first time (basically, you can go without the stickers, just use a regular marker to note down the date on the packaging). To sum up, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the expiry dates because once a product passes it, it doesn’t only lose its properties but, in most cases, the product can also do us harm. This is a quite serious mistake to make.

3. I used to exfoliate my facial skin too often and too harshly

The truth is, most of the beauty mistakes that we made are connected with what we do excessively rather than what we skip. In my case it was the immoderacy in face scrub use, which took its toll in weakened skin condition. We all know this well that regular exfoliation is crucial because it cleanses skin and helps regenerate dermis. But do you know that excessive use of face scrubs might harm us? And I don’t have in mind only mechanical peeling that may disturb and damage our skin but I’m also talking about enzymatic peelings that are considered as safer. I fell in love with them. I loved how smooth my skin was after the procedure and this flawless look of foundation, therefore I started applying face scrubs more often, and more often… and more often. I ended up having irritated skin. My face had problems with tolerating every, even the most natural cosmetic. To make the situation worse, my face started getting oily too fast.

4. I dried out acne instead of curing it

The last mistake in beauty that I want to mention (and which was made completely unconsciously) concerned the problem that I’d been struggling long – acne. So, instead of making an appointment with a doctor and approaching this issue as fighting with a disease (which acne definitely is), I preferred to cover it up and… dry it out. I thought that since acne is the ‘aftermath of oily skin,’ then I had to dry it out to make acne vanish. Well, I couldn’t be further from the truth. Acne skin needs moisturizing because topical or – what’s even worse – entire face skin dehydration intensifies the problem. No wonder why I couldn’t get rid of acne. Even when some pimples disappeared, there were new appearing immediately. No sooner were my eyes open, then I met a dermatologist. Thanks to the specialist I said goodbye to acne, which was owed not to drying the problem out, but to receiving the right treatment. Remember that this kind of face skin care mistake might cost you a lot!

Now, it’s your turn – hey, tell us what face skin care mistakes you make, or used to make. Did you make any of the above-mentioned? 🙂