4 Mysterious Aesthetic Medicine Treatments

Hi, girls!

Try to remember how many times you’ve seen mysterious names of aesthetic medicine treatments. You wanted to know if they’re fit for your skin but had no idea what they involve. I decided to make it easier for you. Find a few beauty procedures’ names explained in the post!

Fractional Laser

Contrary to appearances, it’s not about dividing the skin into some fractions. The treatment involves using a fractional laser that causes micro-damages in the deep skin layers. This leads to a faster repair and the occurrence of new cells and tissues. The fractional laser works for those who have been struggling with scars, stretch marks and pigmentation spots for years. The doctor is going to pick the right laser (there are as many as five types to choose from) for your skin type to do away with blemishes the fastest possible.

Platelet-rich Plasma

This strange name refers to the part of blood that is responsible for quicker and better wound-healing processes. The healing plasma is injected in areas that need regeneration. Effect? Cells rebuild themselves; the skin is smoother, more elastic and younger-looking. Platelet-rich plasma is used for plumping the sagging cheeks, enhancing the skin of the neck, hands and chest.


The treatment uses a special device producing from −5°C to −8°C. Freezing damages the fatty tissue. As a result, fat cells are eliminated during the physiologic processes occurring in the body. Cryolipolysis is used for body areas that are resistant to slimming – belly, waist, thighs and shoulders.

Thermal Lifting

That’s the opposite of the freezing. During the treatment, the fat tissue is warmed up; its leftovers are removed from the body the way I described above. The treatment stimulates collagen production, tightens the skin, reduces cellulite, wrinkles and scars. The effects are best when you combine it with a different procedure. Mix thermal lift with the laser for spectacular results.