5 Wonderful Beauty Products I Would Take On a Desert Island!

Hi, girls!

From time to time, I like to post something different than lots of tips or product reviews. Judging by the feedback I get from you, I see you love posts about top5/ what if…/ best lipsticks, creams, eyeshadow/ celebrity cosmetics, etc.

Today, a bit changed version named ‘Top 5 things I would take on a desert island’. The list includes only beauty products. Here they are:

1. I have finally understood the magic of La Mer products. Its oil cannot be compared to anything. My skin has undergone a complete make-over. It is moisturised, firm and looks like baby’s skin – free from scars and pigmentation spots. La Mer Oil can be applied to skin, hair (I have a different favorite in this category though) and nails. You do not need to wait for the results – La Mer works immediately. Surprisingly strong effects, wonderful aroma and extreme durability.

2. Hair: Nanoil for high porosity hair. Although my hair has passed the porosity test successfully and did not turn out to be damaged (high porosity), I know my hair is not normal or healthy due to the regular bleaching. Nanoil for brittle and over-processed hair is a genius. It works for a full hair and scalp oil treatment, regenerates bulbs, boosts body, fixes hair structure and speeds up growth. I have thoroughly tested Nanoil and might say I overuse it… my hair loves this cosmetic. I am addicted to the beautiful bottle and amazing fragrance. I am taking Nanoil with me!

3. Shampoo. I do not have a favorite; hair must be washed. The size of a shampoo tells about its attractiveness in this case so Bed Head shampoo can go with me on a desert island. I could also replace it with a body and hair soap – the more natural, the better. It must be biiiig 😉

4. Toothpaste… I think it is obvious 🙂

5. Antiperspirant. I always have it on me. I would take it even on an island free from people. It should be natural and super efficient alum – it works for armpits and amazingly conditions feet. Two in one!

I am curious about the five cosmetics you would take on a desert island… Maybe, you will surprise me 🙂