Beauty Mistakes You Make Not Even Knowing About It

Asymmetric eyeliners, uneven eyebrows, bleeding lipstick? These are only some of the beauty mishaps many girls face up to. Too bad, there are even more serious mistakes we make unconsciously. What I mean? Read on and learn!

1. Dirty make-up brushes

Makeup residue, dust, bacteria… These are the impurities that settle in the brush bristles when you give up on cleaning them. Layers of this unpleasant stuff are getting thicker so you spread it all over your face while applying makeup. Consequences? Irritations, acne breakouts, allergic reactions, serious skin conditions. And all you need to do is wash the brushes after every use. Alcohol-based or specially-designed cleansers for applicators will work best. Also, it is important that you put the applicators in the right position when they dry – upside down, bristle downwards. In this way, water doesn’t get inside the metal part connecting the bristle with the handle, which ensures durability.

2. Sleeping with makeup on

This mistake is connected with the previous one. As much as impurities may trigger skin irritations, sleeping with makeup on may lead to a drastic deterioration of skin condition. In this case, makeup removal comes to rescue as well. Just remember: choose removers right for your skin type and precisely take makeup products off. In this way you avoid the occurrence of wrinkles, irritations, pimples.

3. You apply expired beauty products

Answer one simple question: what do you do with long expired medication or food? I don’t think you leave them or give them to someone as a birthday present. You simply throw them out, right? That’s the thing you must do with makeup products past their expiry date. Unless you feel like visiting a dermatologist and taking anti acne medication. If not, remember about replacing skin and makeup products regularly.

4. You apply the bronzer to the entire face area

That’s not how you get the sun-kissed skin effect. If you dream of a naturally-looking tan on your face, apple the bronzer to your temples, bridge of the nose, chin, cheekbones and jaw line. These face parts get the tan the fastest so you should give them bolder definition. For such makeup, use minimal amount of the bronzer and a fluffy brush. Use decisive movements and long strokes.

5. You like to test foundation on your hand

Sorry, you’re not a tester master. Makeup products must be tested on the face parts they are applied to. If the conditions in the store don’t let you do a decent test, ask a shop assistant for a sample or use a tester. Apply a bit of the product to the skin and check how the foundation looks after a few hours. If it’s almost invisible, get to the checkout right away. It’s made for you.

6. Lipliner

It is not a crime. A lipliner looks pretty provided that it matches the color of your lips and lipstick, and it’s ideally applied. Therefore, the color of your lipliner and lipstick cannot differ by a few tones, let alone lipliner on your teeth.

7. You overuse a waterproof mascara

It is true that a waterproof mascara is a saver for a wedding day or harsh winter season. Still, it doesn’t make a good every-day choice. Why? You put your lashes at risk. Such mascaras weigh down the lashes, which may even trigger lash loss. Removing makeup might turn out to be destructive as well. Taking waterproof products off requires special removers that must stay on lashes for some time to work, which may be quite risky.

8. Too much foundation

Remember that naturalness is best. This rule applies to makeup as well. The less foundation you apply, the prettier you look. Too thick layer of the product makes you look older, gives a cake face effect and enhances every face line or wrinkle. All you need to do is choose the right products and apply thin layers. Try a concealer to cover up blemishes, instead of another layer of foundation.

9. Too light shades of makeup products

The wrong choice of shades is a common mistake that girls are guilty of. If you go for too light hues, you’re gonna look sick, tired and sad. Consider also the fact that applying various shades may end up in an unnatural effect. It happens e.g. when you use too light concealer to camouflage dark under eye circles.

10. Missing nail polish base

Not priming the nails with a base means you end up with air bubbles or chipping nail polish. To make things worse, the application of the nail polish isn’t smooth. Also, if you go for dark hues, you might be left with discolored nails. That is why applying a primer matters so much. To keep your nails healthy and strong, use nourishing oils, moisturizers and other nail enhancing products after every nail polish removal or any time it’s possible.