Beauty Products for Sportswomen! Pupa Sport Addicted Make-Up


Are there any sport-addicted girls reading my post? Great if there are. Pupa Milano has designed beauty products for sportswomen. The new range – Pupa Sport Addicted Make-up – includes lip balm, makeup fixing spray, mascara, body and face mist, compact powder, cryo-gel, facial concealer, eyeliner, shower gel and deodorant wipes.


All Pupa Sport make-up products are sweat and water resistant. They have been tested by volunteers who do sports. Mascara, concealer, powder, eyeliner and lip balm come in different shades so each of us can make for the gym wearing make-up and hues best for her. Pupa Sport Addicted Make-up cosmetics have been dermatologically tested; they’re free from parabens and other artificial substances. The products are safe even for sensitive skin and eyesight. Their lightweight formula ensures easy application and make-up lasting throughout the workout. You can use Pupa Milano fixer for longer-lasting effects.


After training… Pupa Milano came up with cosmetics that will let you freshen up after working out: deodorant wipes, cryo-gel, face and body mist and shower gel. You can use the deodorant wipes and mist during the workout to wipe off sweat or spray face for instant freshness. Shower gel comes in useful after training to get rid of sweat and sebum excess. Cryo-gel restores proper blood flow and relaxes tense muscles.

Girls, if you do sports, try out latest Pupa Sport Addicted Make-up products.