Beauty treatments I recommend to undergo during autumn


Autumn is the best time to take care of your skin. Expose your dermis to the treatments which will help regenerate it after summer and make the skin ready for the incoming winter. Which treatments are my favourite? Go on reading my entry and you’ll find out all important info.


Cavitation peelings, mechanic peelings and chemical peelings belong to the group of the most popular treatments to undergo in autumn. They remove dead epidermis, uncover ‘new’ skin by improving skin cell self-regenerating processes and contributing to collagen production. Cavitation peeling works superficially and is considered as the ideal treatment which can pose the first stage to any other beautifying treatment. Thanks to it, you will get your skin cleansed (including skin pores), smooth and moisturised. Mechanical peeling is recommended for fatigued and dehydrated skin. During this treatment, dead epidermis cells are removed, discolorations are lightened up and the visibility of fine lines is decreased. Mechanical epidermis exfoliation makes skin ready for the upcoming treatments and facilitates cosmetics absorption. When it comes to chemical peeling, I guess, it delivers the best effects, however, the first outcomes can be noticed no sooner than after a few weeks. Anyway, owning to this beauty procedure, your skin will regain its youthful look as all skin imperfections vanish.


I consider this procedure perfect for women who are constantly on the hop and don’t have time to use disposable razors or epilators, yet long for smooth body. How does laser hair removal procedure look like? A beam of radiation penetrates skin and cumulates in melanin, which is a pigment the hair features (it is responsible for hair colour). The darker and thicker the hair is, the faster it is removed; even the possibility that it won’t ever grow out is higher. Another issue to mention is that all body parts can be exposed to the procedure. Last but not least, in order to remove hair completely, you need to undergo at least four sessions.


Right at the beginning I have to warn you that treatments that take advantage of this technology deliver only superficial effects. However, they are good if you want to delicately shape chin, eyelids, cheeks and sides. Despite the fact that this procedure is truly pleasant, it doesn’t deliver long-lasting and spectacular results. Ultrasound facelift can be considered as, so-called, banquet treatment.

What are your favourite treatments to undergone in autumn?