Concentrated on the nature. My personal favourite: Yves Rocher shower gel

Another part of praises over Yves Rocher approaches ๐Ÿ™‚

My adventure with this French cosmetic brand has begun a long, long time ago. Even though I cannot recall the exact date, I can easily tell you which product it was that it started with. It was Yves Rocher Brillance Shine.

It was just a matter of time when I started to use also different products from this brand. Today cosmetics from Yves Rocher I use in large amounts, I await discounts, try anything that is new. This is what I have for you today, something new! Enjoy!

Do you know Yves Rocher shower gels? Until recently these were available with 400 ml capacity and today become more concentrated just for us. Instead of energetic, relaxing or sensual shower gel, today we have CONCENTRATED.

Yves Rocher introduced its concentrated shower gel in three versions:

  • Concentrated Shower Gel Mango Coriander,
  • Concentrated Shower Gel Olive Petitgrain
  • Bourbon Vanilla Bath Shower Gel.


Concentrated Yves Rocher shower gel is two in one: aromatic pleasure during the bath + taking care of nature. Every shower gel in this line contains highly concentrated active and washing substances. One bottle holds 100 ml which give you the same number of showers as the classic 400 ml shower gels. Both versions will last for 40 showers. Besides, when producing these shower gels is used up 50% less plastic and emits about half the greenhouse gases. This is what โ€œconcentrated on natureโ€ means. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why do I talk about these products in the first place? No, not because are safe for the environment. I support ecology, but I am not an eco-freak. Yves Rocher shower gels are my personal favourite because:

  • effectively cleanse thanks to natural ingredients;
  • are entirely natural (97% natural ingredients);
  • have neutral pH for skin;
  • there are no harmful preservatives and paraben;
  • were dermatologists tested;
  • thanks to the new bottle are more handy and efficient.