Creases Here, Wrinkles There… How do They Come into Being?

Hey, ladies!

If there’s something we truly hate and dye to get rid of, it’s the awful wrinkles! The ones around the eyes, lips and forehead tell us it’s time to change skincare routine. To make it happen, we must know how, why and where they come from. Read the post to discover everything.

When does skin start ageing?

Sadly, too soon. After turning 25, the so-far young skin turns into the mature skin. What does it mean? With the passage of time, the skin has poorer ability to repair, the level of collagen drops, expression lines occur on your face. The last ones appear around eyes (known funnily as crow’s feet), on the forehead (frown or lift your brows to see them) and around lip corners (visible when you smile). Skin ageing is caused by losing hyaluronic acid and damaged protective layer of the epidermis, too. Result? The skin can’t protect itself from free radicals, environmental pollution and other damaging aggressors.

Wrinkle Types

Wrinkles can be divided into three groups: fine and deep, static and dynamic (expression), ageing and neutral. Your genes are responsible for their number. External aggressors and skincare matter, too. What about wrinkle fixes? Botox is used for blocking the dynamic lines; it’s usually injected into the eye and forehead area. Hyaluronic acid fills in deep wrinkles. Injecting different products is the most popular way of removing them. The effects last a few months.

When to start fighting wrinkles?

There’s one and only answer – as soon as possible. Before 30, try hyaluronic acid-infused moisturisers. Massages, peels and skin-repairing treatments will deliver amazing effects, too. Botox or hyaluronic acid injections are recommended for mature skin. They’re enriched with rebuilding and nourishing substances.

Have you already spotted any wrinkles on your face? Hope not…