Glycerin soap and its practical use


Glycerin soaps are everywhere these days. There is plenty of them at drugstores but did you know you can also make it yourself at home? These have a wide variety of uses and not just for the washing. How to implement glycerin soap into everyday care and makeup?

What is glycerin soap?

Glycerin soap is highly popular in everyday skincare. It is caused by the efficiency and low price of the said product. What is more, glycerin soap is recommended for all skin types, even sensitive and allergy-prone. Glycerin is obtained from plant fats which hold an impact on the soap’s hygroscopic action and that translates into great skin moisturizing effect. Glycerin soaps have neutral pH, so can be used for every body part, including the face.

Glycerin soap – use

I have listed below some of the glycerin soap uses. Some of them are more popular than others. How do you use glycerin soap?

  1. Brushes and other makeup accessories wash – removes makeup residues along with the dirt build-up in between brush’s bristle. Glycerin soap melt in water or rub it against brush or sponge’s surface.
  2. Cuticle softening for the manicure – add soap flakes to the warm water and soak your hands in the solution. After a few minutes, the cuticles should be easy to push back or cut out.
  3. Soap brows, or in other words brow stylization with the help of soap. Additionally, have ready at hand a bit of water and a brow brush. Dip the brush in the water, then gently rub it against the soap. Comb brows in order to gain thickened brows.
  4. Don’t waste the glycerin soap – its remnants can be reused. Add dried flowers, herbs or fruits; you can also combine few different soaps. Melt the whole thing and make your own product in shapes of your choosing.