HIT or MISS? Diamond lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

Women love diamonds therefore, we should have at least one cosmetic thanks to which we can amaze others with effulgence. These might be glitter eyeshadows, highlighting hair sprays, body balms with sparkling particles and recently even… a diamond lipstick.

I always look for make-up trends on the net. My main source of inspiration is Instagram, where brands boast about their cosmetic novelties, bloggers show the products they tested and where we can learn which cosmetics are used by celebrities.

In recent weeks, quite a tremendous career in social media was made by diamond lipstick launched by MAC Cosmetics. This hype was so huge that the images of the item were all over the Internet. Women fell in love with it almost immediately which encouraged me to take a closer look at this madness. I had a few questions that had raised in my head…

Is this diamond lipstick really made of real diamonds?
Does it leave lips diamond-like?
Will this diamond lipstick be available in the USA only?
How much will cost such a cosmetic blink-blink?
Is it a kind of limited edition product?

I was also wondering whether this is an interesting trend at all. I assume you would agree with me that sparkling make-up and the cosmetics delivering glitter effect can be used rather rarely. Surely, diamond lipstick won’t be suitable for every day, toned make-up. I even doubted whether the effect of diamond-like smile would be suitable for a great event since it can outshine the outfit, make-up and the jewellery.

I browse the entire Internet and, among many words of admiration, I found the answer to all my questions. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what expected…

It turned out that diamond lipstick DOESN’T EXIST! Can you believe that?! All this fuss was about a lipstick that doesn’t even exist. The joke was made by Sara Shakeel – a young photographer and an artist. It was her who used a picture of a real lipstick belonging to MAC Cosmetics to photomontage it. In the place where a stick normally is, she placed a well-edited pattern of a diamond. She posted the work on her Instagram profile. The image was so realistic that it was shared by millions the users immediately. And this is how the whole world went crazy about the product that doesn’t exist.

One can be stated for true, the diamond lipstick stole hearts of many women so maybe MAC Cosmetics will create a similar product one day? Keep your fingers crossed!