Hot or not? Alterra – Face oil with pomegranate

My skin has been crying out for help lately. It’s dehydrated and it feels as if it was somehow contracted. My complexion lacks elasticity and moisturisation mainly because of being frequently exposed to atmospheric changes (an air conditioned office – the scorching sun outside – dry air during car driving). I decided to do something with that!

Alterra Gesichtsöl Bio-Granatapfel was supposed to alleviate this plight. Has it help with conditioning my face? Did it serve me right?

Face oil Alterra Bio with pomegranate is placed on the list of the most frequently bought natural cosmetics by women. What does weight the product in its favour and what does encourage to buy it? First and foremost, the interesting composition and a very low price, efficiency and a very convenient packaging (30 ml). Personally, I bought the cosmetic encouraged by the efficiency confirmed by many women.

Alterra Gesichtsöl Bio-Granatapfel

This is the original name the product carries. It was developed to serve mature skin which requires individual care aiming at the very core of the problem. The main ingredient here is pomegranate seed oil supported by sweet almond oil, sunflower oil and soy oil (all in their BIO versions). The entire composition is enriched with vitamin E. Thanks to these ingredients the face oil:

  • provides an intensive and deep care,
  •  leaves the sensation of optimal nourishment,
  •  gifts skin with velvet smoothness.

The important info is that the product is appropriate for vegans. It is also certified for being natural. It doesn’t contain silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, preservatives or synthetic colourants. Furthermore, it was confirmed by dermatologists that Alterra product is well-tolerated by skin.

Face oil Alterra with pomegranate – My opinion

This cosmetic suits my skin well and doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions, which for me is a massive plus. It has a delicate, sweet fragrance which fades away almost the moment applied. Using the product is fairly easy and this is owned to a pump dispenser. However, it happens that a small trickle of the oil runs down the bottle (the applicator isn’t tight enough, I guess). I need to add that I can’t put on the product too often because after a few regular uses I feel as if my skin pores were clogged. I find it working better as a product to be used once in a while. However, it can be denied that skin becomes soft, delicate and simply pleasant to the touch after being treated with the face oil by Alterra.