How and why you should take care of your mascara?

Hey, girls, today I have a post about something that for some maybe obvious, but for others not so much.

Before you read some tips and facts answer one quick question:

How many of you clean the mascara wand?

Probably most of you will now meaningfully roll her eyes or think: whaaat? What for?

Exactly: what for?

Why should you take care of your mascara?

Mostly, because it is all about your eyes and no questions asked you should take care of them and not bring it inflammations, allergies and other unpleasant things. On the unwashed wand, besides the mascara (which is thicker, layered and unaesthetic), gathers bacteria and cosmetic residues that kept inside the tube on the wand can be subjected to all sorts of unfavourable chemical reactions and as a result irritate, sensitise and change cosmetic consistency, which suddenly stops working as it was before.

Second, the unwashed wand will not coat all the eyelashes as beautifully as the clean one. You will not separate the lashes, do not brush them, but at most create unaesthetic black spider legs. Not only your eyelashes look like that but are also be covered with equally unaesthetic lumps that will flake during the day and settle on the cheeks. Then we blame it on the mascara and claim that it does not work.

If you want your mascara to be flawless every time and you want to avoid irritations and lumps of dry mascara, wash the wand. The absolute minimum is once every two weeks. Wash it under the warm water stream, shake it gently to lose the excess water and leave it to dry. You will see for yourself how beautiful the make-up will look when the wand will be well-taken care of. Your eyelashes (and eyes) will be grateful. 🙂