How to Burn Fat at Home? Try Body Wrap!


Are you searching for ways to get a slimmer body and trying to get rid of excess body fat? It is tricky, I know that. If you’ve lost hope and think nothing can be done, I’m here for you with a great home treatment which really speeds up fat loss. I’m talking body wrap! Have you heard of it? Add it to your schedule next to exercising and a healthy meal because body wrap rocks! See how to perform the treatment at home.

How to lose weight at home?

You can burn fat using various ways, ideally combining different methods to get the best results. Most treatments are offered at the spa centres but we can do many different things at home! I combine home treatments with exercising to boost the effect and burn fat faster. I must tell you nothing works better than a body wrap!

What is a body wrap?

Body wrap is a slimming treatment which helps burn fat and plump the body up. You apply a slimming product on the body (the areas that need it) and wrap it with a food wrapping paper. This kind of treatment creates a non-porous barrier on the skin, enhancing the absorption of nutrients from the product you apply. Body wrap is regarded as a softer version of lymphatic drainage because it also stimulates blood flow and promotes fat loss.

How to do body wraps at home?

  1. First of all, drink around 2 glasses of herbal tea or water an hour before the treatment because the body must be hydrated. It removes toxins through sweating during the treatment.
  2. Apply a product you chose for body wrap (I recommend Collistar Special Perfect Body Anticellulite Slimming Superconcentrate or Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum).
  3. Time for wrapping! Regular food wrap will do. If you want you can buy the one used in beauty salons. I see no point in overpaying for home treatments. Don’t wrap too tight, you don’t want to stop the blood flow, right? On the other hand, make sure the wrap clings to the skin.
  4. To ramp up the heat and warm the body up, you need to sweat! Get a blanket and lie down wrapped in it for 45 to 60 minutes. I know it’s quite long but I believe you will manage. Try to picture the fat burning and escaping from your body! 😀
  5. Last of all, use scissors to cut the wrap; just be careful not to hurt your beautiful, slim body! Of course body wrap done just once won’t give the desired effect. A few times are necessary.

Products for Body Wrap: Which Ingredients Should They Contain?

Search for good-quality (not necessarily expensive) products containing nature-derived ingredients like:

  • caffeine – it is an obvious choice! Game-changer when fighting off cellulite and fat. Caffeine is best for firming the skin, detoxifying the body and stimulating the blood flow, and most of all, it prevents fat accumulation.
  • chili extract – it acts similar to caffeine but it is stronger and warms up intensively.
  • cinnamon oil – just like chili pepper, it warms the body up and stimulates blood flow.
  • ginger extract – it speeds up body detox and gives a feeling of warmth.
  • ginseng extract – it conditions the skin and promotes fat loss.
  • green coffee oil – it is a perfect plumping agent which adds elasticity and makes skin smoother.
  • chestnut extract – it is a perfect choice if you also fight with spider veins.

That’s it. Enjoy your body wrap session at home!