How to Care for Brittle Nails? A Few Useful Hacks


Brittle nails bother lots of women. If you also struggle with the problem, read on and see how to get over it. Vitamins, mani accessories, oils and supplements will come in useful.

Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know that the lack of vitamins, eating processed and unhealthy food, smoking cigarettes may have a bad impact on your nails? There’s more… Your hair, skin and body will suffer, too. If the beautiful looks and health matter to you, enrich your diet with vitamins and micro-nutrients. You don’t need to stuff yourself with pharmaceuticals. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables every day. They are the greatest sources of nutrients that enhance your nails. Eat products rich in vitamins B and C, calcium and magnesium. They will make your nails strong and resistant to damage.

Don’t Cut, File

Instead of scissors and clippers, use a nail file. The glass and paper ones are the best. Cutting accessories may weaken the nail plate and lead to splitting and breakage. Go for files to cut the nails shorter and smooth the surface. Thanks to the gadget, you will get rid of the cuticles.

Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

Acetone-based products may make your nails dry and irritate the cuticles. Their ingredients are bad for the nails, that’s for sure. Acetone-free and moisturising removers make a far better choice. Such products nourish the nails and have a nicer scent.

Nail Oiling

How to reduce nail brittleness? Oil your nails regularly. The treatment will hydrate, nourish and strengthen the nail plate. Natural, unrefined oils work best. The following oils will be effective: linseed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, argan oil, castor oil. You can enrich them with vitamin A and E or keratin. If your nails are very brittle, you should oil them twice a day.

Dietary Supplements

Conditioners and supplements will strengthen your nails, too. Make sure they include keratin, castor oil or evening primrose oil. The fish-shaped capsules are extremely popular among girls. How to use them? Rip the tip off, massage the contents into nails and skin around them.