How to choose make-up brushes?

You can achieve perfect make-up as long as you have the right tools for it. Brushes are the most important if you wish for your make-up to be truly stunning.

Which make-up brushes should you choose?

You can get a more affordable version of make-up cosmetics but you shouldn’t save on the brushes. The right tools for make-up are half the success.


Most women use powder and for this task, you will need a brush that is ready for just the kind of challenge. It is important that the brush is big, soft, and has dense bristles. It should be synthetic and has great quality.


You will need a beauty blender though you can go about without it. You can simply apply the foundation with your fingers. However, if you strive for professional make-up, then the beauty blender is a must. The characteristic thing about is that one of its sides is cut flat.

Bronzer, blusher, highlighter

It is best to own a separate brush for each product, but the brush for the blusher has the most characteristic shape because it’s cut at an angle. Its shape allows the application of all sorts of cosmetics. To apply the highlighter use the pointy part. For bronzer use the side part and for the blusher the opposite side (it works!).


There is no way that you can live without the brush for eyebrows! Choose such that has a comb on one of the sides. It will allow you to also comb the eyebrows. The brush for eyebrows can be used also for numerous other purposes as it can work as an eyeliner brush, or as a lip brush.


For this purpose, you will need a brush for blending and for the application. For the blending works the flat side while the side part can be used for the application of eyeshadows. To spread the eyeshadows use the fluffy side. This brush is usually soft and of small size while having a rounded shape. The eyeshadow brush is amazingly precise.


The small, rounded, and slick brush is perfect for lips make-up. You can fill the whole lips with the color or start with the outline to optically make lips seem bigger.


The brush for contouring is of medium size. The brush is fluffy and has characteristically trimmed bristle. It will allow you to shape the face however you like. Remember to blend the cosmetics in the outside direction of the face!

Concealer for imperfections…

…and for the undereye area. The brush for concealer is similar to the brush for the foundation. Its stiff, flat, and significantly narrowed towards the top. It appears to be precise and of small size.

How to clean make-up brushes?

You mustn’t forget about this step! You will need proper products for brushes disinfection. You should clean the brushes on a regular basis so that no pollution gets to your skin. You can always make use of at-home methods such as warm water with soap in which you can soak your accessories. However, it is better to equip oneself in disinfecting liquid that you can get at the pharmacy. Make sure that your brushes are cleaned systematically.

I hope it helps you at least a tiny bit. Choose wisely!