How to effectively remove unibrow? Hair removal with tweezers, wax or laser?


Unibrow is not being considered as feminine. Even the smallest hair appearing above the nose can ruin the look. Luckily, there are simple methods allowing you to get rid of the unibrow. Use tweezers, wax or hair removal spray.

How to remove unibrow? Tweezers

It is the most popular method for hair removal. Just use a pair of tweezers which allow you to grab each individual hair and pull it out. How should hair removal with tweezers look like? The most important is to set the beginning of each brow. For this, use eye pencil – put it vertically along the nose on each side. Draw lines at each side of the pencil and those will set where brow begins. Remove hair between the lines using tweezers. Remember that it is a treatment that requires to be repeated every week.

Hair removal with wax

A better solution is waxing the unibrow with wax or sugar paste. Why? These cosmetics are known to remove hair faster and more effectively. More importantly, the effect will last around a month. How to wax brows?

You can use cold wax available in the form of wax strips. You just need to warm it up between your hands, then place it on the skin, press it in slightly and then in one smooth motion rip it off in the direction against hair growth. Cold wax can be replaced with hot wax. Just keep in mind not to burn yourself with it.

Another thing suited for unibrow removal is sugar paste. It’s ductile substance which unfortunately cannot offer precise effect. Sugar paste use is the same as for the wax. The upside of this method is the use of natural ingredients: sugar, honey, and lemon juice.

How to effectively remove unibrow? Laser

This one is the most effective method for unibrow removal. The laser works directly on hair color which leads to chemical changes and dying of the hair papilla. Laster removal of the unibrow is a permanent method and it is highly probable that it would never have to be repeated. Unfortunately, it is treatment impossible to make at home. You should visit a beauty salon where professionals are performing it.

How to take care of skin post hair removal?

After hair removal skin may be irritated and red. You need to make sure to moisturize, soothe and protect it. It is advised to use cosmetics with allantoin, panthenol, aloe or chamomile. It is important to use creams with properties matching current skin condition.