How to match mineral eye shadows colour with eyes colour?


Green, yellow, pink or blue? Which eye shadows should you choose? As it turns out for many girls it is quite a challenge. While all you need to do is match eye shadow with eye colour! Read below how you can do it, then start your fun with colours and make-up.


Eyes with green colour will look beautiful with eye shadows in violet shades. Lavender, colours with a pinch of pink, burgundy and red will make you look elegant and bold. If you try those with grey or blue pigments, you will create low-key make-up appropriate for school or workplace. Neon violet works as an eyeliner. Green eyes look perfectly in shades of brown or grey.


These eyes go best with colours of the earth. You can choose among cold or chocolate brown, copper, mix with gold, orange or even salmon pink and peach pigments. Try metallic finish for eye make-up and you’ll be the IT girl this season.


Create make-up with eye shadows in colours of blue. Use: powdery, violet-blue or green-blue. If you associate blue eye shadows only with old ladies make-up, you’re mistaken. You just have to combine it with other colours like grey or black. These colours can help you create elegant smoky eyes.

How to match eye shadow colour with eye colour?

Take a look at the colour circle (you can find it on the Internet). Find the colour that is the closest to your eye colour. On the opposite side of the circle will be shades that you should look for in eye shadows. Unless, you prefer not to stick to any rules, even the make-up rules. If that describes you, then use all the eye shadows you like.