How to style your hair trendy? A few cool hairdos to wear this autumn


Although most of you associate autumn with bad weather, gusty wind and low temperatures, there are some women who do really like this season. Why? For example, because they know lots of intriguing hairdos that match autumn. This entry features a few descriptions of some hair ideas.

To an inch

Have wind blows ruined your perfect hairdo? Spite the wind – go for a symmetric hairdo. Separate the hair right in the middle of your head to obtain the perfect parting. Smooth the strands located on the top of your head with a hair styling cosmetic and leave the rest unchanged. Put the hair behind your ears and let the autumn weather take care of your strands. Such a hairdo is recommended to everyone, no matter of the length or thickness of hair.

Braid around the head

Since braids are always trendy, why wouldn’t we wear them during autumn? Find out how to set such hairdo. Make tails on the both sides of your head and then start braiding. Use transparent rubbers to fix the braids. Wrap the braids around the head and secure the hairdo with bobby pins. The second method depends on starting braiding from the middle of the head and adding wisps from the sides and the back of your head. The end of the braid has to be pinned and then hidden underneath the remaining part of the hairdo.

Flowers in hair…

…during autumn? Why not? Colourful accessories braided into hair are an interesting solution to fight back this autumn’s dullness and gloomy weather. Surely, you will find headbands, bows and hair-slides useful. If you don’t want to expose your hair to low temperatures and rain, wear hats and earmuffs decorated with jets, fur and other similar trinkets.

Smoothed hair

This hairdo is similar to, so-called, Italian Wet but in its autumn version. During this season, hair usually lacks volume, is greasy and simply looks bad. What can you do with that? Go for Wet Look. Comb your hair back, smooth it and apply a gloss-delivering cosmetic; remember to leave the hair ends dry. This hairdo perfectly matches dark make-up and styled eyebrows.

How do you set your hair during autumn?