Is Body Piercing Safe?


Piercing different body parts is an increasingly-popular way of expressing oneself. For fully-safe treatment and great effects, you must choose the best piercing studio and jewellery. How to do it and what should you pay attention to?

Choose a good piercing studio

Do you know that you can’t do piercing at a regular beauty salon? Usually, beauticians have done only some quick training and have no certificates. A piercer should have knowledge about the structure of body parts, hygiene and sterility of tools. Before deciding on piercing, you should check online reviews, different studios’ offers and their hygiene conditions.

Hygiene in a piercing studio

The studio must be clean. There must be the highest level of hygiene standards. All tools, needles and jewellery must be sterile. A piercer must wear gloves and a mask on the lips, hair and… beard. The entire studio must be clean. If there are dust bunnies on the floor, you may question the cleanness of the piercing tools.

How to choose piercing jewellery?

It depends on the pierced body part. You can buy a ring in a piercing studio. It should be tightly closed and cleaned in the autoclave. Remember that soaking a ring in hydrogen dioxide isn’t enough. If you buy rings on your own, ask piercers to disinfect it for you. It takes up from 30 to 60 minutes.

What does the procedure involve?

A piercer must wash and disinfect the hands and put single-use gloves on. The pierced area must be disinfected, too. It is marked with a highlighter. A piercer must use a sterile needle to puncture the skin. Then, the jewellery is placed on the pierced spot.