Latest ARTDECO Beauty Products: Paradise Island

Hi, girls!

The summer is almost over and I’m doing my best to keep the suntan as long as possible. Latest ARTDECO Paradise Island collection comes in useful. Bronzing Magnum Powder, Spray on Leg Foundation, Ombre Lipstick and Bronzing Blusher are my favourites.

Bronzing Magnum Powder

I chose the lightest shade – sunburst. It leaves my skin looking sun-kissed, radiant and fresh. A bit of the product is enough to make my face look naturally tanned. I apply the bronzer with a soft and fluffy brush, which gives amazing effects. ARTDECO Bronzing Magnum Powder is housed in a mirrored round container. Both the lid and the product are decorated with a nice rosette.

Spray on Leg Foundation

It evens out the skin tone on legs, camouflages moles and red after-shave bumps and delivers a natural-looking tan. Soft Caramel is my favourite hue. I spray the product from the distance of around 15 inches after exfoliating and drying the skin. If smudges or spots appear, I evenly spread the foundation with my hands.

Ombre Lipstick

This brilliant lipstick replaces a few cosmetics I used to apply for the ombre effect on my lips. I use Trouble in Paradise because its shades make the best match. One stroke gives a super look. Obviously, you must remember to blend all colours. The best thing is the lipstick contains argan oil that nourishes, moisturises and smooths the lips.

Bronzing Blusher

Apart from the suntan, I can’t do without a bit of girlish charm so I got myself Bronzing Blusher (lighter hue – 930). It makes my face look fresh all day. I apply it with an angled brush to the top of cheekbones. I use minimal quantities for the natural effect. There’s a mirror inside the container so I can touch up my makeup when I’m out.