Let’s remove orange peel. How to do it effectively?

Hey Girls,

Probably you would agree with me that cellulite is a nightmare of many women, even the young and fit ones. Orange peel and fat lumps blemish our legs, butt and upper arms. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to get rid of this skin ‘ailment’. What am I talking about? Feel warmly invited to read my newest entry.

What’s cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing more but fat lumps cumulated under skin. In most cases, they accumulate on thighs, buttock, belly and upper arms. They become visible due to improper fat arrangement, lack of physical activity, shortage of vitamins, some diseases and genetic predisposition. In order to remove cellulite, you have to aim at the agglomerations by attacking the fat deposits from the inside and outside. How to do this in the best possible way?

Cosmetics and gadgets combating cellulite

To fight the orange peel you will need scrubs and products that also carry warming-up and skin firming features. The truth is, they won’t remove fat deposits in 100%, however, they will help you even your dermis, remove dead epidermis cells and make your skin more supple. Furthermore, the products should feature the following ingredients: caffeine, coenzyme Q10, algae, wine, vitamin E and minerals.

Moreover, massagers featuring bristle of various lengths, special sponges and brushes are also useful while fighting cellulite. Such items will help you distribute the cosmetics I’ve mentioned above. Thanks to these accessories you will do massage, exfoliate epidermis as well as improve blood and lymph flow.

Treatments fighting cellulite

Some treatments which aim at cellulite can be carried out at home whereas the others are available at beauty parlours’ only. This unwanted fat tissue can be removed, broken up or you can lower its visibility due to the following treatments: mesotherapy, endermologie, lymphatic drainage, body mix and body wrap. This last treatment can be undergone at home. The remaining procedures depend on creating vacuum pressure, applying vacuous massage, laser use or inserting needles into the area affected by cellulite.