My evening skin care routine step by step – how to cleanse the skin properly

Hello girls!

I am sure that every one of you knows that the skin regenerates best during sleep and the fundamental step in every skin care routine it the proper makeup removal. Cosmetics, dirt, dust, sebum can clog pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe. As a result, blackheads appear, the skin becomes dull and begins to age faster. That’s why today’s post will be about how to clean your skin thoroughly before going to bed.


I start my makeup removal by spraying my face with a rose water. Next, I soak a cotton pad in sweet almond oil and press against my eye gently yet firmly. I hold it like that a few seconds allowing the mascara and eyeliner to dissolve. Then, I wipe the eye from top to bottom and from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. I always do it very gently making sure that I’m not pulling or stretching the skin. I use a cotton swab to remove any remains of the cosmetics if necessary.


To remove the lipstick or a lip gloss, I also use sweet almond oil. In this case, it is also best to press a soaked cotton pad against the lips, this time, however, make sure to make inwards motions. This way you will prevent smudging the cheeks with the lipstick.


I pour makeup removal milk onto a cotton pad and starting start wiping my neck moving up, towards the chin. I always remove the makeup upwards and from the middle o my face to the sides. I also clean my forehead up. When I wash the foundation, powder and other cosmetics from my face, I can proceed to the proper skin cleansing.


I put a small amount of delicate gel for sensitive skin onto my face, soak my hands and start washing. The washing principle from bottom to top is also valid here. I always do it in circular motions, because this kind of massage not only relaxes, but also exfoliates dead skin and stimulates circulation. I rinse the foam off my face and gently dry my skin with a soft towel.


A clean and dry face is ready for hydration. I start with a nourishing serum under my eyes. I lightly pat the preparation with my fingertips. Then I go ahead and apply the night face cream. I start with the neckline and then go to my face.

Give yourself time for the evening skin care and make it a moment of relaxation, and you will see that the skin will repay you beautiful look. Bear in mind that beauty treatments require as much time and attention as applying makeup.