My natural body care ideas. How do vegetable cosmetics work?

Natural cosmetics made from vegetables are a real HIT. Quite a furore is caused by home cosmetic recipes. Why? I’m going to do my best to answer this question. I want to wholeheartedly encourage you to read my next entry concerning the secrets of natural care.

Mainly in the spring and summer, when the season for fresh vegetables is in full swing, we love reaching for natural care products. Yes, it’s tempting to get this ripe carrot and transform it into a face mask. Of course, if you aren’t allergic to vegetables, you should give it a go! At least during the summer, go over to cosmetics made from vegetables. It can’t be denied, holiday season is the best period of the year for such treatments since outdoor market stalls are heavy with fresh food products. It’s not only a healthy, full of vitamins diet that counts but also supplying skin with what it needs by putting the substances directly on dermis.


Carrot for prettier complexion

Do you know how many nourishing substances a carrot root hides? Potassium, calcium, phosphor, sulphur, iron, copper, flavonoids and almost the entire set of vitamins – B1, B2, B6, C, E, H, K, PP and A. This is the very reason why cosmetics made from vegetables rich in carotene, such as carrots, have strong anti-oxygenate and protective action. Carrot oil or a homemade carrot face mask nourishes face, accelerates skin self-renewal processes and fixes skin tone.

Pumpkin for mature skin

The autumn queen, which is a pumpkin, is a diversity of minerals (calcium, iron, phosphor, magnesium), vitamins (E, C) and beta-carotene. These nourishing substances are perfect for treating mature and dry skin. If it wasn’t for the very elements, pumpkin wouldn’t be able to regenerate skin in such a marvellous way. Moreover, this round, yellow vegetable maintains hydration, eliminates free radicals and helps fight back acne. Also, pumpkin oil can be used to improve skin elasticity. Homemade pumpkin face mask is an effective remedy for the problem of dull face which keeps losing its hydration with age.

Black radish for your hair

I guess bloggers may write a book about this wondrous vegetable. Indeed, this is a variety of radish that is more spicy and its smell can be described as far from being pleasant. However, this is the least what’s important when we analyse the number of nourishing substances it features: potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, iron, zinc, manganese, B-group vitamins as well as A and C. Cosmetics made of vegetables like black radish are perfect for hair because they deliver antiseptic action. For that reason, a black radish hair wash helps counteract dandruff and eliminates problem of greasy scalp – it regulates work of sebaceous glands.

Cucumber to light your complexion up

I bet all of you can recollect these scenes from a movie: a woman with slices of a cucumber on her face. There’s nothing funny about that! Sometimes fiction has a lot in common with reality. Cucumber is made in 95% of water and, apart from that, it contains plenty of mineral salts (sulphur, calcium, phosphor, magnesium and iron) as well as vitamins (A, B, C, PP). Do you know that fresh cucumber juice can replace a regular toner because it shares the same pH with skin? Therefore, cucumber cosmetics are good at moisturising, softening and making skin fresh. Also, they can even highlight discolorations. Face mask made of cucumber is considered as a tremendous help offered to oily and acne skin types.

Tomato to protect your skin

A precious ingredient of fresh tomatoes is lycopene, which is a natural antioxidant. Thanks to it, tomatoes are able to protect skin against UV radiation and other impurities deriving from the external environment. Lycopene works here together with vitamins C and E, as well as carotenoids. This combination of substances makes all tomato cosmetics successfully slow down skin ageing processes, highlight, moisturise and restore elasticity to skin. I can also confirm that tomato face masks deal with acne typical for the puberty period.

Corn for all skin types

Vegetable cosmetics are amazing. For example, corn face mask is suitable to treat all skin types. You can use either boiled and smashed corn or an oil extracted from corn shoots. Personally, I’m more for the oil since it contains plenty of selenium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphor, zinc, magnesium as well as vitamins A, E and B-group. This set of substances makes corn the perfect vegetable to deliver moisture, ease irritations, limit acne and improve elasticity of skin. Another important issue to mention, cosmetics with the corn content can be applied to oily, combination, mature, dry, sensitive and fatigued skin types.


In my opinion, cosmetics made from vegetables should settle on every dressing table at least once. You can see for yourself how many nourishing substances they have. Besides, thanks to making a face mask from a fresh cucumber or corn, we are sure that the cosmetic is completely natural and deprived of all damaging preservatives. Try it once – you won’t regret 🙂