New, pink and beautiful! Eyeshadows in new Maybelline Palette. How did it work for me?

Hey, girls.

Do you know about IT?

Did you see IT?

I loved IT from the first sight.

These shades, these colours!

I felt that I have to have it and could not wait any longer.

When new Maybelline palette appeared in the drug stores, I bought it immediately.

Then I locked myself in the bathroom and was unavailable to the world outside. For like two hours. Or maybe it was four? Who knows, when it comes to cosmetics space and time bend ;D

I used it for two weeks on various occasions: subtle and daytime make-up to more expressive for a date or a night out.

I can proudly say that this palette turned out to be a success.

Eyeshadows have beautiful colours, that go well with hazelnut and brown eyes. The pigmentation is quite all right… obviously, it is far from the leaders like Zoeva, The Balm or Urban Decay, however, for this price and with these colours — it is worth it. Eyeshadows have great pigmentation, are quite soft and with a creamy texture. What is more, there is no flaking during the day and eyeshadows stay on all day long. I have not used it without the eyeshadow base because I believe that even the best ones need it. High-quality eye shadow base extends the durability of eye shadows, but also allows you to extract the beauty of their colour.

The Blushed Nudes from Maybelline is not that different from its predecessor, i.e. traditional nudes. We have here plastic box, no mirror, but with a small window, so you can see the expressive colours of the shades. The Blushed Nudes contain pink shades complemented with some darker colours (brown, pewter and violet) and one white vanilla for a make-up finish. Eyeshadows were grouped, so that you can use them in pairs (the duo version), or create professional make-up based on four shades (3 sets of four shades). Maybelline palette has colours similar to Urban Decay, but it was complemented by grey and old gold shade. In my opinion, it is way better and offers more possibilities.

The Blushed Nudes are perfect for the summer — I still discover its possibilities. I am in love with the pearly light but dusky beige and matte dusky pink. The palette is entirely designed for a full make-up and we do not have to complement it with any additional colours.

My opinion: amazing!

Two tips:

  1. Without a high-quality eyeshadow base, you should not even come close to the Blushed Nudes.
  2. The applicator attached to the palette is a mistake and you should just throw it out. The Blushed Nudes require a high-quality brush.