PERFECT BLUSHER IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK – What do we have to know about blazing red cheeks?

Hi girls!

Today I finally decided to post this long-promised article concerning blushers. I know that many of you are interested in this issue because I often receive messages form you, where you ask which blusher is the best one and how you should apply it. Also, you ask whether it’s worth buying the whole palettes that contain blushers, bronzers and highlighters. Moreover, you ask whether a universal blusher even exists, the one that suits every woman and each type of complexion. I can tell you right now that yes, such blusher does exist (phew!) but I’ll say a little bit more about this later. Firstly, I have to share with you what you need to know about blushers. Take your mug, make coffee, sit back and let’s start!


Hmmm… how to explain it to you in the simplest way possible… Can you recollect the scenes from romantic comedies where the heroines tend to pinch their cheeks before meeting ‘the guy’ so as to make them slightly pinkish? This beauty trick has been played since the Victorian Era (I bet all Jane Austen readers know it well). Delicately reddened cheeks add lure, freshness and attractiveness to the entire face. Blushers make us look younger, prettier and heather. In other words – a blusher is an ingenious invention which doesn’t only emphasize our beauty but also shows that our face is healthy 😉 Indeed.


Blushers can be bought separately by selecting them from the full range of colours – from the super dark ones through the incredibly subtle ones, pink shades, from sparkling to matte and so on. However, often we can come across the face shaping palettes that contain the entire set of colouring products, which is a blusher, a bronzer and a highlighter. It’s has to be a kind of all-in-one cosmetic set. Thanks to such products, we are supposed to have the issue of face contouring sorted out. In other words, apply pink where you need to, illuminate where you need your face to shine and darken where it’s needed 😉

Are such palettes good? Let me give you the straightforward answer. NO… unless they are expensive (unfortunately), prestigious make-up palettes that cost of them reaches the annual income of the people living in the Third World. Prestigious brands take care about each product the palette contains to be of the highest quality, yet the ones, designed for regular bread-eaters… happens to be risky. In most cases, there is always one product worse than the remaining ones or a product the shade of which doesn’t knock us down. Therefore, I suggest buying each product separately unless you have a lot of money to spend and no reluctance to purchase face shaping palette for considerable amount of cash.


If you have never tried to use a blusher before, I recommend you to buy the one that won’t harm your complexion. In other words, buy the product that won’t leave any ugly, pinkish marks on your cheeks. One of the best options would be purchasing the iconic product that is beloved by famous stars and celebrities.

I’m talking about Bene Tint by Benefit, which is a long-known blusher that can be applied to cheeks and lips. Basically, this product has liquid form. It has got a blood red colour yet when put on cheeks it turns into being very subtle. Bene Tint can be bought either in a big or small bottle. When it comes to application, the easiest way to do it is take a small brush and paint an X on the top of the cheek bone. Then use your fingertips to pat it. The blusher is supposed to blend into the complexion. Not only does the cosmetic match each complexion but also we can add a beautiful red shade to our lips. Bene Tint is durable and stays true on face for long hours.

For those who don’t have a brush, a good solution would be buying a stick blusher, like for example the one offered by Avon. This blusher has two shades that match either pale or dark complexion. As you can see, choosing the right shade won’t pose any problems for you. The blusher swirls and the usage itself is super easy. You just have to leave a read mark on your cheeks and pat it delicately afterwards so as to make it blend with the rest of the make-up. Be careful enough not to let this pinkish shade dominate on your face. It’s task is only to delicately make our cheeks pinkish, not to distract the attention completely.

Did I help you? I hope, I did! Stay beautiful girls!