Rimmel Volume Shake: shockingly fresh and why that is a bad thing

Hi there.

Today we will talk about why mascara… shouldn’t be always fresh.

Yes, you heard me right. Mascara shouldn’t be always fresh, the same way it is during the first days after the purchase.

You probably remember these moments when you bought new mascara (the one that has all you want: a great wand, intense and deep pigmentation), you took it home only to be totally disappointed with it when you tried to apply it. Wet, runny, slippery and watery — this is usually what new mascara is and not many women know that in order for mascara to work as it should, you just have to… give it a time.

Fresh mascara just does not have the same effect as the one you expect, because it simply is too runny. This is why you cannot coat your eyelashes with the right amount of mascara, and that means you cannot build the length or volume in a way you would expect it.

Why was I shocked by the new Rimmel mascara, which is promoted as always fresh from the first to the last use? Volume Shake needs to be shaken so that its formula would be constantly stirred and remained… well what exactly? Fresh, i.e. runny? On top of it, Volume Shake has a wand made with fibres that do not work well during make-up. It literally draws on the eyelashes instead of separating them. In my opinion, Rimmel overcomplicated. When you buy mascara from a big brand, it is rather unusual these days to find a product that would dry out after a month or two. Generally speaking — mascara should last for 4-6 months and it fulfils this task. You won’t also observe — if you wash your wand regularly — any clumps. Therefore, the entire ideology behind the Volume Shake is pointless. Good quality mascara is like wine: it matures and oxides as you use it. After about two weeks or a month, its texture reaches the peak when it comes to the consistency. This is why you should never just give up on your mascara right after you try it for the first time. Give it a time to “mature”. Unfortunately, Volume Shake is like a cosmetic Peter Pan — it will never grow up.