Round-Up of Best Beauty Gifts: My 4 Infallible Picks!

The gift-giving season is getting closer. Beauty products are among top Christmas gifts! It is a great idea provided that you don’t buy some random micellar water or shower gel. Are you seeking some inspirations? Let me help you choose the best gift ever!

Why is a beauty product a perfect gift?

Can cosmetics be a good Christmas gift? After all, it might be hard to match someone else’s taste and preferences. Believe me, I know that it can make your beloved one very happy. Why? Because we are usually too busy to browse through the variety of products, feeling overwhelmed by the big offer or high prices.

So, if you gift somebody with a fine-quality beauty product that really works, you show you care for him/her, plus you will save them the time they will spend on shopping in the future. They will automatically reach for the product that turned out to work well.

That is why I believe beauty products to be excellent Christmas gifts. There is actually a group of products that look extraordinarily and make good gifts like nothing else! I mean luxury aromatherapy sets, home spa kit, bath salts or massage candles. This can be a very intimate gift if you add a nice card.

Round-up of the best beauty gifts

You don’t need to overpay to get a good gift for your family or friends. See my top Christmas gifts that don’t cost a fortune and made my beloved ones very happy!

1. Fancy massage candles

A massage candle makes a perfect gift for your beloved one. This thing is made from natural soy wax and, when melted, it turns to a super-conditioning oil that smells lovely. Beautiful massage candles also create a romantic mood so it is a really great gift for your other half, making the Christmas time nicer.

2. Make-up palette

You can find a mult-purpose make-up kit with the eyeshadows, bronzer, highlighter and blusher (I like the Sephora Collection make-up palettes). There are also two-sided palettes with the eyeshadows and lipsticks. They make a perfect gift! Match the palette to the skin tone of the person you will give it to (ask the shop assistant for help) or get the nude colors which match most people. Just choose some noted brand like Kat von D, Urban Decay or Zoeva.

3. Gel nails starter kit

This is a stunner! A gel mani kit always sparks the “wow”! No matter if the endowed planned to learn to do gel nails or not. Firstly, all women love to paint their nails. With a 3-in-1 gel nail polish you can do flawless manicure easily. Secondly, this type of mani lasts really long. The latest nail polishes for gel manicure aren’t difficult to use so everyone should manage. All you need is a lamp, degreaser and acetone remover. And you can provide it in a kit which often comes with extras for nail art, plus files and buffers.

4. Home SPA kit

More and more people are starting to appreciate the comfort of performing spa treatments at home. This might be caused by the lockdown and seeking some ways to combine relaxation with beautifying treatments. We can’t go to a spa but we can do it at home easily. What should a spa kit contain? Of course it must include bath salt which has a conditioning effect. Dead Sea salt is my top pick as it’s highest in minerals and other substances that improve the condition of the skin. You can add some essential oils and organic vegetable oils like argan, avocado, almond or macadamia oil. Just make sure they are cold-pressed and not refined (the Ecocert label is welcome). I recommend finest-quality beauty oils from Nanoil (thye’ve got some excellent products on offer).

Have you got some tried and trusted beauty gifts that I could try on my beloved ones? 😀