The Best Autumn Skin & Hair Products? Natural Oils. Check what You Can Do with Them


Do you also feel like turning your beauty care around for the autumn season? It is not just caprice, it is must-do – a natural need of skin. In autumn, climate, temperatures and air humidity change. Skin is exposed to low temps but there’s more to it. Skin is incessantly attacked by harmful UVB radiation which penetrates even through the thick layer of clouds. You must protect yourself from smog, pollution, humidity, dry air of heaters… Let me tell you how to do it right and how to provide skin with the highest-quality care. Obviously, nothing is gonna top natural oils during autumn foul weather. There are thousands of ways to use them. For face, body, hair. If you’ve never given them a shot, you must catch up this autumn 🙂

Face Care Natural Oils

Natural oils save us from the bad weather. They work for all skin types – just learn their benefits. Thinking that e.g. oily or/and acne skin should never be treated with greasy oils is wrong. Remember that the type of oil matters. Oils make up a rich source of good fatty acids. Many of them soothe acne-prone skin. There is also a brilliant group of oils that effectively balance the sebum secretion (coconut oil, jojoba oil) because they contain squalane plus they have antiseptic and anti-bacterial effect.

Oils are cut out for ageing, mature, fatigued skin as well. Raspberry seed oil and Shea butter are experts in this field. Apply them to your face skin before bedtime or in case of extremely dry skin – wear them under make-up, too. Remember that oils are also rich in natural UV filter protecting skin against harmful radiation. It is a truly important aspect in skin care.

Natural Oils for Face Skin Care – Usage

Use oils in a variety of ways:

  1. Apply directly to face (preferably, after dampening it with a chosen floral water)
  2. Mix with a facial serum
  3. Mix with a moisturiser
  4. Use for mixing DIY cosmetic clay-based masks
  5. Mix with sugar to make a scrub
  6. Use for a face massage (e.g. together with a jade roller)
  7. Use for make-up removal

Natural Hair Care Oils

Autumn gives hair a hard time as well. Not only does your hairdo have to pull itself together after a blistering summer heat and the dehydrating sun but also faces up to seasonal thinning, rain (with toxins), heaters, wind tearing. Add wrong hair care and let the total disaster begin…

That is why, in order to enhance hair and give it best care possible, go for natural oils (e.g. specially designed blends of a few oils which should match your hair porosity). Natural oils don’t just ensure care throughout hair lengths. At least the oils that I mean: pure, free of parabens and silicones, oil treatments are the finest-quality products – suitable for scalp application. As a result, they ensure a full home therapy which repairs hair from bulbs to ‘tired’ hair tips.

It is extremely crucial because the bulb is the critical, living part of hair – a place where cellular divisions occur and new hair is born. The healthier the bulb, the more dynamically it works. Without doubts, healthy, strong, luminous and stunning hair is the result.

Natural Hair Oils – Usage

Similarly to face, hair is going to accept oils in various forms:

  1. Mask applied to dry hair
  2. Mask applied to damp hair after shampooing
  3. Added to a shampoo
  4. Mixed with a hydrosol or herbal infusion (used as a scalp lotion)
  5. Applied exclusively to hair ends (serum for split, damaged ends)
  6. Applied to hair before blow-drying (heat protection)
  7. Applied to hair after styling routine (shine boost and protection from the outside elements)

Obviously, applying an oil to scalp and hair is the most effective and intensive form of hair care and I believe you should lean towards this kind of hair nourishing treatments.

Natural Oils for Body Care

Oils will take care of your entire body. Add them to your bath, use for a body massage, mix with a body lotion, make scrubs, mix with essential oils, rub into dry skin on elbows or knees… They make up an amazing support for skin, alleviate it and heal irritations, reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

Natural Oils for Body Care – Usage

Coconut oil gives excellent foot care – its antibacterial properties definitely benefit this body area 🙂 It fights fungi and prevents the development of unwanted bacteria, therefore it makes a brilliant choice for… swimmers.

Actually, the only limitation is your… imagination. Play with oils, create your own mixtures, soothing scrubs and blends that amaze with aroma and benefits.

Have you got your own brilliant ways to use oils? Do you know any recommendable mix of oils to treat hair, face or body?

Write them down! <3