The make-up with oil? Yes, this is a hit!

Hey darlings,

today, I ‘ll tell you all about the latest trend taking over Instagram. It’s about the super glowing, moisturized skin and make-up with a natural finish. If you have matte skin, look always tired, and like there’s no life in you, this is something for you!

Currently, we spend so much time at home that soon our skin will look like a goblin’s skin. For this reason, on the day to day basis, women try to achieve the effect of healthy, full of vitality, glowing skin yet without the use of synthetic highlighters. They want the glow to come from the skin itself so that they can look healthy and energized. 🙂 It sounds a bit arrogant but I think it presents what I mean…

Glowing skin – how to achieve it?

Exactly… what better there is than the sun and vitamin D? I know that the less time we spend outdoors in the sun and in the fresh air the worse our skin looks so you should enrich it with a dose of “radiant care”. Is just one product in combination with foundation able to make your skin regain glow, jazz, youthfulness, delight with suppleness and hydration?

Of course, but you have to have good quality natural, cold-pressed and unrefined oil that you can use! For example, I have argan oil. And macadamia. And jojoba… okay I have a lot of them because let’s face it, I’m almost addicted to them. However, to be true, you really need just one good oil and a tiny bit of BB cream. Thanks to it, you will create the perfect smoothing serum with effect glam, effect wow, the effect that ensures healthy complexion and glow.

If you don’t have BB cream, just take a regular foundation. Any foundation will do, seriously. Even the mattifying one because in combination with oil it will leave a satin-like glow. I often mix such foundation with oil and I admit that this is the effect I like the most.

The make-up with oil – how to do it?

Obviously start with a skin cleansing, use a toner, cream and if you use a serum, don’t forget to apply it too. Once the beauty routine is done and all cosmetics were nicely absorbed, it is time to “glaze”. You can make your skin radiant two different ways:

1. Simply apply the serum directly to the skin and tap it in. If you have dry skin, you can apply it to the whole face. If you have oily or combination skin – apply the oil only to the cheeks.

Now, apply the foundation or BB cream. Do it with gently tapping motion so that cosmetic blend with the skin and combine with the oil. Then apply some mattifying powder – only just a pinch to the nose, forehead, and chin. Remember that the matte cannot stand out too much. Ready!

2. Start by applying the first layer of foundation or BB cream to the face and remember not to overdo it and create a hard shell on the face.

Now take another small dose of the foundation and mix it with the oil in your hand. Just 2 drops of oil are all you need. Apply this mix to the cheeks. Gently tap it in. Highlighted cheeks are ready!

I admit that at first, it all seemed like a no-brainer until I used the oil-based make-up myself. It looks perfect! Check it out for yourself and don’t forget to let me know what you think. How does your foundation react with the oil? Tell me which one you think works best 🙂 I use Yves Rocher foundation with Nanoil Argan Oil.