The trough art of make-up. How to use violet eye-shadows?

Welcome to the magic world of colors. Today, I would like to tell you about the proper way of applying violet eye-shadows. It isn’t about any current make-up trend but rather about where you should apply this kind of shadow, how to do it, in what quantities, and with what colors combine it to look good.

There are shades that if applied inappropriately, they make our eyes look even more tired, bruised as they expose our dark circles. Among these shades is naturally violet. Despite this color being considered as problematic, I wholeheartedly encourage you to introduce it into your make-up. Especially, if you are a brown-haired woman of dark eyes. All the shades of violet perfectly define the color and shape of the eyes and should take a special place in a make-up bag of every dark-eyed woman.

Too frequently I hear girls saying: “Violets don’t suit me at all, they bring out the black circles and I look more fatigued than I really am.” Let me help you. Here’s my solution.


1. Match the shade of violet to your complexion

If your skin tone is rather cool and if the broken capillaries are visible, avoid cool violets. The inappropriate are toned, plum-ish shades that are mixed with greys and resembles the shade of our bruises and other skin imperfections.

In the case of more yellowish skin tone, the shades mentioned above wouldn’t be rather appropriate. What can be taken for granted is the fact that all the browns, purples and various shades of khaki will emphasize the dark shadows that happen to appear on your eye skin area. Make sure which tones, cooler or warmer, suit you better.

2. Mix violets with other eye-shadows

Violet eye-shadows won’t look good if you use them to coat all your eye skin area. This is a fairly juicy and intensive color therefore I will be enough to use it just to add some kind of depth to the entire eye-make up. A good idea is to apply violet eye-shadows to the corner of the eye, or to the lower eyelid only, for example. If we aren’t skillful enough to mix violets the right way, it’s better to start from applying the color in small amounts. Problematic violet should be used just to crown entire eye make-up.