The ultimate make-up bag. Does it really exist?

Hello Girls,

Before you read this text, grab your make-up bags and take a really close look at them. Is there order inside? Does is store all cosmetics and accessories which facilitate applying make-up? Even if you answered these questions negatively, you don’t have to worry. You still have a chance to create your own the ultimate make-up bag.

Order Must Be

Store cosmetics and make-up accessories either in special organisers or cases. Thanks to this, each brush, lipstick, mascara and foundation will be assigned to its own pocket or compartment. You’ll win fast locating of a particular item as the inside of your bag remains permanently clean. Furthermore, remember to place the brushes with their bristle upwards. Thanks to this, you’ll decrease the risk of staining the applicators. It’s also important to clean the organisers often, by removing dust, make-up residues and other impurities.

Make-Up Accessories

The brushes, sponges or silicone applicators? Which ones you choose to use and which ones turn out to be perfect for you? In order to apply a foundation, a bronzer, a blusher or a highlighter, use a silicone sponge. Thanks to the pointy-ended edge, you will hide all skin imperfections, and the wide and round side will help you distribute a cosmetic across chin, forehead and cheeks. Your ultimate make-up bag can’t lack brushes of high quality. You can use them to apply all lose products. Of course, you can choose the applicators made either of synthetic or natural bristle.

Make-Up Removal

Another irreplaceable item that is useful for taking off make-up is Konjac sponge. It’s a natural gadget made of the roots of Asian plant. Konjac sponge is perfect for treating sensitive skin. Basically, it has to be put under water first; then, follow with a cleansing cosmetic and wipe the face with it. What’s interesting, Konjac sponges are able to remove dead epidermis cells and stimulate blood circulation. Keeping this accessory clean is crucial, but this is relatively easy, luckily. All you need to so is putting it under the stream of running water and left until it is air-dried.

Do you already know how the ultimate make-up bag looks like?