What Destroys your Hair? Styling, Products, Hairdos


Dry, dull, brittle and weak. If this what your hair looks like, you must have gone too far with colouring, heat styling or strange hairdos. Check the things you can’t do to your hair and the ones that can damage them.

Colouring & Bleaching

Do you often have your hair coloured or bleached? If so, it must be dull, dry and brittle. Hair dye ingredients damage hair and may irritate the scalp. To make things worse, an instant change of hair shade or intensive bleaching might seriously destroy your hair structure (permanently). Instead of traditional colouring products, choose the natural ones. Enrich them with cosmetics that prevent hair damage and deliver essential nutrients.

Heat Styling

Overusing flat irons, curlers and blow-dryers may weaken hair condition, too. A high temperature – produced by heat tools – makes water and keratin evaporate from hair. This leads to hair dryness, split ends and loss of natural shine and colour. To make things worse, hair may start thinning and breaking. All you need to do is cut down on heat styling or apply heat protection product before every styling routine.

Hairstyling products

They harm hair, too. Mousses, sprays, gels and fixers – based on alcohol – can weaken hair and irritate the scalp. If you use them too often, you must have noticed falling-out, brittle and fragile hair. Have you spotted white flakes on your head? You must have applied styling products the wrong way. Remember about washing your hair thoroughly. Cutting hair for a volume boost and body is the last resort.

Wrong hairstyles and updos

Backcombing, permanent wave and very tight updos are destructive. Some hairstyles weaken hair bulbs, causing thinning and creases. Metal elements of hair accessories can lead to damage, too. Besides, backcombing and perm have long gone out of style.