What is airbrush makeup?


Airbrush makeup is a long-lasting silicone makeup performed with a special device – an aerograph. Thanks to it, makeup looks natural and light while all imperfections are perfectly covered. What is airbrush makeup and how to perform it?

What is airbrush makeup?

It is one of the most long-lasting makeup styles which requires the application of silicone or water-based cosmetics. All products have liquid form and to distribute them an aerograph is used. It is a small device resembling a chromed pistol. It allows subtle gradation in-between color shades.

Airbrush makeup is more hygienic than regular makeup. Brushes and sponges may become bacteria habitat and may lead to skin diseases development. Airbrush makeup is also a great solution for people with sensitive skin. Cosmetics applied with airbrush last even up to 48 hours so are an amazing option for special occasions.

Airbrush makeup – qualities, flaws, and contraindications

Airbrush makeup qualities are:

  • that it is hygienic,
  • minimizes skin irritation risk,
  • long-lasting and natural look,
  • high-quality cosmetics.

Airbrush makeup flaws are:

  • the price of makeup and the device,
  • airbrush weight,
  • lack of corrections possibility – cosmetics dry pretty fast.

Contraindications of airbrush makeup are eye diseases, allergies to makeup cosmetics, deep wrinkles.

For whom airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is recommended for everyone, no matter age or skin type. It can be performed at the beauty salon or at home. Airbrush makeup includes also products for sensitive and problematic skin, and such with great camouflaging properties.

How does airbrush makeup look like?

Cosmetics are applied with aerograph which sprays cosmetics on to the given part of the face. It allows the application of concealer, blusher or eyeshadows. Thanks to the use of stencil, lips or brows can be precisely drawn. The airbrush allows also mascara application for even more thorough makeup.

Airbrush makeup prevents smudges or visible gradation between colors. The products are administered to face, neck, and cleavage. In order to achieve the perfect shade, possible is to mix a few products in the container attached to the airbrush.

How to perform airbrush makeup?

Spray makeup cosmetics on to the cleansed skin. This way all products will dry fast and create an even layer. Airbrush makeup is performed with eyes closed and while holding your breath. Airbrush makeup can go further to the cleavage, back, and shoulders. Cosmetics applied with airbrush do not clog pores, therefore are recommended for oily and acne-prone skin.