What’s My Lip Make-Up Routine Like? Tried&Tested Ideas

Hey, girls!

Today, I’m going to present my favorite tricks for lip make-up and choosing the right lipstick color. If you want your make-up to be beautiful and long-lasting, try out my ideas. I’m sure you are going to like some of them.

Every-day lip make-up routine

Remember to regularly exfoliate and moisturise the lips. In this way, you make sure you won’t be bothered by dry skin whereas the color of the lipstick will be longer-lasting. You can use sugar or a toothbrush. Your lips will be fuller and firmer; you will improve blood circulation. Remember to use a moisturiser after smoothing the lips and removing dead skin cells. When the cream absorbs, you can apply a lipstick.

Immediately larger lips

If you don’t feel like using strange gadgets, undergoing plastic surgeries or applying warming lip glosses that used to be popular, test one of my fave ideas. Apply a lipstick. Next, apply a bit of a clear and shimmering lip gloss to the middle of your lips. You will define and optically enlarge the most sticking-out part of the lips this way. What’s more, make-up will look fresh and charming.

Outline the lips contour

The method for the advanced make-up wearers. If you aim at making the lips look bigger, outline them with a lipliner. Match the color of the lipliner to the shade of your lipstick; it might be a bit lighter and it should go with the shade of your lips. Then, apply the lipstick, using a small and pointy brush. If you like, you can add a lighter lipstick in the middle of the lips to achieve the ombre effect.

How to make the color longer-lasting?

After exfoliating dead skin cells, cover the lips with a moisturiser and foundation. Next step? Apply the lipstick and press a tissue to your lips to remove the excess of the cosmetic. Paint the lips once again and set the color with a translucent powder. If you don’t like the idea, use a setting spray. Spritz the whole face, the product will sink in and you will look beautiful.

What are your methods for achieving a beautiful and long-lasting lip make-up?