Your mani-pedi set. What should it contain?


Probably the majority of women likes doing their nails. However, not all of them know which accessories they should use. It is why I decided to help you with piecing your mani-pedi set together. Read below what is essential for every woman to have in her cosmetic bag.

Nail clippers

Clipped nails with the right length is an asset of every woman. In order to obtain that perfect length and shape, you’ll need nail clippers. No more biting your nails or using standard scissors. The nail clippers currently available have various helpful functions and their appearance is a thing from the wildest dreams. These can have a form of a key ring decorated with gems and engraving. Some nail clippers have also, for example, a pocket knife, a flashlight, a file and many other helpful tools.

Cuticle nippers

Proper length and shape of nail plate are not the only signs of beautiful hands. There’s also the matter of cuticles. Unfortunately, when these become dry, tend to stick out and look uneven. If you want your hands to look pretty, complement your manicure and pedicure set with a cuticles nippers. Once you get rid of those, take care of hands’ skin and the nails. Before getting to home cleaning, put on some rubber gloves and use a hand cream with vitamin A and urea for everyday protection.


It is the handiest of manicure and pedicure accessories. The file will allow you to remove excess nail plate and ensure the shape of your desire (almond, round, square, pointy). Files have various graininess which is divided into different gradation levels. The higher gradation the filing more gentle. Files can also be divided into metal (intended for strong and hard nails), paper (for all nail plate types) and glass (safest for delicate and brittle nails).

Pedicure rasp

It is an essential tool that can make your skin smooth and well-taken care of. In the drug store are several types of these gadgets: to start with regular pumice, through classic rasp to electric rasp and pumice in one. Thanks to it, you can remove thick epidermis and cracked skin that is so common for the heels. To make the task even easier, soak your feet in warm water with the addition of sea salt or moisturising and regenerative cosmetics.

Do you know now how to piece your mani-pedi set together?