5 Brow Mascaras You May Like – Ranking


Are you wondering how to define your eyebrows to make them look natural and neat? Do you want to know a recipe for long-wear eyebrow makeup that doesn’t require touch-ups? It’s time for something that can help you in your search for the best product – a ranking of the best brow mascaras that ensure you get the brow style of your dreams!

I don’t know exactly how long it took me to find the brow cosmetics I currently use. However, I do know that it was not an easy road. I can’t count how many useless cosmetics I’ve tested, more than once being surprised that they don’t work at all as the manufacturer promises. I was always keen on reliable and long-wear products that ensure a dazzling effect. Currently, I use only good products I ca’t complain about on a daily basis. I believe that you too will soon enjoy your beauty choices. I will help you a little with this task … 🙂

It’s high time for me to introduce the best brow mascaras available on the market. Are you curious about what these products are? Make sure to read the rest of the post!

How to choose the best eyebrow mascara? TOP 4 RULES

    Exactly… it should neither wear off nor smudge. The best eyebrow mascara I have stays on my brows practically 24 hours a day, and I consider durability a priority when it comes to brow-styling cosmetics.
    Some brow mascaras can give your brows a thicker look you wouldn’t even believe 🙂 personally, I love it when my eyebrows look fuller and thicker thanks to my beauty product. I realize that it must be nice for owners of thick brows, but for women with thin and sparse brows, it’s just awesome! 🙂
    When choosing a product for styling your eyebrows, I always make sure that it is gentle on the skin and does not irritate it. More than once I struggled with redness, so now I treat it as an “alarm signal” and almost immediately ditch the product that caused it. 
    When it comes to eyebrow mascara, a good brush is crucial, because it can either make it easier or harder to define your eyebrows with the mascara. I always pay attention to whether it is precise and not too stiff. In my opinion, a good brush is already half the success when it comes to eyebrow mascara. 

Well… Now we can finally answer the question: which brow mascara to choose? 🙂



I don’t think I’ve ever come across a better brow mascara. It meets all my requirements and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to my best friend. This thickening eyebrow mascara creates a really spectacular effect which is also very natural. The brows look much more fuller and voluminous even if without makeup they are sparse and full of gaps. This makes the whole makeup look much better and makes eyebrows become my best feature. Importantly, the product does not stick brow hairs together or create any clumps. Every hair, even the smallest, is coated evenly with this eyebrow mascara thanks to the excellent brush, which is super convenient to use. All this makes my eyebrows unrecognizable in a flash. Since I’ve been using this eyebrow makeup product, I never had to do touch-ups.

You can find this eyebrow mascara on the official brand’s website www.nanobrow.co.uk, as well as in regular beauty stores at an affordable price. 


This is a good eyebrow mascara for brows that need to be tamed and defined. I came across it quite a long time ago, but I still have it in my makeup bag. This product contains thickening nylon fibers, which definitely improve the appearance of the arches. The brush is flawless, it separates brow hairs well without irritating the skin. I think it will work well on both thin and thick eyebrows. You can fill in small gaps with it and give yourself the desired makeup look. 

This brow mascara is available at many online and regular stores at an average price.


This brow mascara was designed to increase the volume of the brows and visually thicken them. Did it succeed? You could say yes, but without any spectacular effects – the eyebrows gained only a little volume and lift. The big advantage of this product is the available range of shades – since there are a lot of them, you can choose the one that fits you perfectly. The consistency, as well as the brush of this eyebrow mascara, is good, I have nothing to complain about. Using this product, you can achieve well-shaped, tamed eyebrows for hours. 

This brow-styling mascara can be purchased online and in regular beauty stores at a fairly high price.


I like the shades of this easy-to-use brow mascara. They are subtle and do not create an overdrawn effect. A thicker brow look is unlikely to be expected with this option as this brow mascara is more suitable for thick brows. It has a pleasant consistency and is easy to apply on the eyebrows. Personally, one coat of this product is not enough, so I think it’s best to apply two or three at the most if you want a reasonably defined effect. 

As for this eyebrow mascara, you can find it in online drugstores. Its price is a bit too high in my opinion, considering its efficiency. 


I came across this recommended brow mascara fairly recently, but I don’t think it found its place in my makeup bag for long. It slightly irritated my skin, which is unacceptable for me. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the same in your case. This eyebrow mascara has a good consistency and gives a satisfactory lifting and thickening effect. The brush allows you to precisely separate brow hairs, which makes makeup long-wearing (however, not all users will be thrilled with the durability, it stays on for 8-10 hours max, then you need to do touch-ups). 

You can find this eyebrow mascara online and in regular beauty stores at quite an attractive price.

Which is better – eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mascara?

You often ask me this question, but there is no clear answer. For some of you, the best option will be to define your eyebrows with a brow pencil, and for others – to use a brow mascara. I’m currently a fan of brow mascaras and find them a more convenient way to define my brows, but I also have quite a few brow pencils in my makeup bag and often use them when someone asks me to do their makeup. 

Hmmm… I think that women who are new to brow makeup should rather reach for a brow mascara because it does not require skill and you’ll know how to use it if you use a regular mascara. However, this is not a rule. Test different options and see what works best for you!

Did my eyebrow mascara ranking make it easier for you to choose the right product for yourself?

Make sure to let me know if you know how to use brow mascara and if you find it convenient. Or maybe you haven’t tried it yet? I look forward to your answers!