What Do People Need Perfume For? 4 Crucial Reasons

Hello, girls!

Hands up if you have a perfume collection on your dressing table! Every girl likes to collect fragrances captured in beautiful bottles and use them every day. Do you know the reasons for perfuming your body? If not, the today’s post may clear that up. 


In other words – not to scare away with our smell. That was the reason for using fragrances in the 17th and 18th century. People did not use to wash or take care of hygiene. Where did the fear of water come from? They believed that water was full of germs transferring serious diseases. Only the rich could afford perfume. They would spritz their skin, hair, clothes, even furniture and home accessories with the aromas.


We use perfume out of habit. We treat it as a cream or deodorant – everyday products. When we buy a fragrance, we do not pay attention to the aroma, the bottle it comes in or the occasion it is intended for. We use it during the morning or evening beauty routine. Perfume complements the outfit; we can change it or give it up.


Perfume (in the past – essential oils) can affect our mood and even our health. Aromas have stimulating, calming, relaxing properties. Some of them are regarded as aphrodisiacs. Perfume sets a romantic mood or the other way round – irritates and makes you sick, especially when you are allergic to some aroma, you are pregnant or the aroma is too intense. Did you know that one feels better among other people who smell nice?


There are people who treat perfume as a way for creating their image. They use a specific fragrance to underline their individuality, attract the opposite sex, show off their financial standing. Their knowledge about perfume and fragrances is very impressive. Their collection of fragrances is composed so as to go with every occasion. Using particular scent is not connected with hygiene only but also career or private life.