BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo – one palette for eyeshadows and lipsticks <3

Hello, my beautiful women! πŸ™‚

It is just wonderful. My dream about the perfect palette came true.

It’s all thanks to the beauty vlogger, Shannon Harris, who was first loved by the entire New Zealand and then by the rest of the world. In cooperation with BH Cosmetics, she released truly marvellous make-up palette. The colours chosen by Shaaanxo are amazing. The quality of eye shadows makes your heart pound much faster and the lipsticks fire up the desire in my eyes.

The palette is clever and has a designer look. Shannon made a huge step forward by showing make-up and its idea in a different light. She surprised us all with her ingenuity: Shaaanxo can be opened on both sides. On one side we will find beautiful, perfectly chosen, highly pigmented and long-lasting eye shadows, and on the other β€” where usually is the back of the palette β€” we have a different palette with lipstick in 9 shades. The lipsticks and eye shadows tone in and complement every skin complexion. An indisputable advantage of Shaaanxo shadows is that it costs way less and that besides 9 high-quality eye shadows you get also 9 lipsticks with perfect coverage and durability. It is a complete set of 18 cosmetics with high quality.

The colours of eye shadows are perfectly chosen: one palette allows you to create many make-up styles, not only daytime make-up but also for the nights out and the expressive ones. Shades go from subtle nudes, through pearly beige and dusky pink to brown and black. BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo is 9 colours of lipstick that work well with every skin complexion and can be mixed and blended any way you wish to gain new surprising shades. I gave my heart and soul to this palette and now I highly recommend it to you.